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Term Paper On Sex Offenders In Prison

Life Behind Bars As A Convicted Sex Offender

❶The treatment of juvenile sex offenders is to ensure their rehabilitation, depending on the problem and also separate them from the rest of society.

term paper on sex offenders in prison

Moreover, this recent trend has contributed to numerous studies on juvenile sexual recidivism. According to the findings of studies conducted since the early s shows that a huge portion of sexual offenses against children are carried out by those below 18 years Wind, , p.

Based on these recent statistics, juvenile sex offenders continue to pose a huge problem for the law and society. Public Safety and Privacy Analysis. In the hearts and minds of most of the public, perhaps even in the hearts and minds of most legislators and judges, convicted sex abusers exist within a particular category of their own.

They are seen as living beyond the pale of common morality and decency. No parent would want to knowingly live near a convicted sex offender. However, how should the law, which is supposed to be cool and dispassionate, deal with the issue of the need for public safety and protection with the rights of the individual, regardless of the crime that individual has committed? The question arose in the case Connecticut Dept.

Of Public Safety v. Doe which was heard…… [Read More]. Sexual Addiction Results From an. They need a supportive, stable person in their lives. If the child is abused, he or she is missing a key part of their development.

They continue to grow up believing that they are alone. Not only is this feeling brought on by abuse but if a parent dies or the child is torn between a divorce, the adult can still feel abandoned. Sex fills that void, the individual feels that he or she is wanted and is being taken care of for the duration of the act.

Afterwards, they find themselves alone and are once again on the prowl for another conquest. But sexual addiction doesn't arise only from sexual abuse or from inadequate parental love. Nymphomania -- or "Don Juanism -- can result from a condensation of the striving for sexual satisfaction coupled with the need to reassure one's self-esteem Kornblu, , pp.

These constant sexual escapades…… [Read More]. Criminal Justice the Use of. Officers simply enter information on these cases and the program attempts to make possible connections to other entered data. Clearly this program increases understanding of criminal typologies because it allows a law enforcement agency to find patterns in behavior across numerous jurisdictions. More so, it is an easy and efficient method of tracking criminals, including sex offenders, especially in cases that have gone unsolved for numerous years.

Modus Operandi Database Modus Operandi, which means, "mode of operation" is used to describe a criminal's characteristic patterns and style of going about their criminal acts.

It is often used in offender profiling as tracking the modus operandi often leads to clues involving the offender's psychology. A modus operandi database merely collects and organizes information on modus operandi, allowing law enforcement agencies to make connections to other agency information.

Such database programs clearly allows law enforcement agencies to increase their understanding of…… [Read More]. Teen Dating Violence Runs Cuts.

Peers exert more influence on each other during their adolescent years than at any other time. Research carried out shows that peer attitudes and behaviors are critical influences on teen attitudes and behaviors related to dating violence. Friends are not only influential, but they are also more likely to be "on the scene" and are a key element in a couple's social life. Roughly all the adolescent dating violence takes place in the presence of a third party.

In teenage relationships, the relationship dynamics often play out in a very public way because a lot of teens spend a large portion of their time in school and in groups. A boyfriend or girlfriend may act differently when in the presence of peers in a behavior viewed by adolescents as characteristic of a relationship that is unhealthy.

For instance, boys in one focus group study said that if a girl hit…… [Read More]. A court-ordered sanction that puts the offender back into the community but under the supervision of a probation officer. Probation can be assigned to follow jail time provided good behavior while incarcerated , and it may include having the offender pay a fine, do restitution, and perform community service activities as well www. Probation Social Security Number the. In other circumstances, the offender should be directed towards more traditional means of punishment.

Conclusion Split sentencing has been part of the criminal justice system since the beginning of incarceration programs, and shock probation programs, a form of split sentencing, have been in use for more than 50 years.

There is significant debate about the efficacy of these programs, because some so-called shock probation programs are linked to high rates of recidivism and offender violence, while others are shown to dramatically reduce recidivism.

The important thing to keep in mind is that not all programs labeled shock probation programs actually follow the guidelines established in the s for these programs. Shock probation programs involve the exposure of a defendant to a prison-type environment followed by period of highly monitored probation.

However, shock probation programs were never intended to be used on those defendants who were unlikely to be shocked by…… [Read More]. Prison Life and Recidivism Generally Recidivism in. Prison Life and Recidivism Generally, recidivism in the justice system context entails the tendency amongst former prisoners or criminals to go back to their criminal lives mainly upon release from prison. In this case, recidivism rates are measured by having a look at the number of former prisoners re-incarcerated within a given time period.

It can be noted that in basic terms, high recidivism rates are in most cases associated with increased costs of re-offender arrest and prosecution. Other related costs in this case relate to public safety. The Purpose for Prisons in the U. Justice System Prisons have an existing obligation enshrined in the constitution to avail to inmates a minimal standard of care.

However, it is important to note that in relation…… [Read More]. These cycles occur because often neither therapy nor punishment prevents inmates from repeating their patterns of crime once they are released.

This may be partly because our prisons have not always completely thought the therapeutic process through, but it is also partly because of the nature of the types of people who end up in prison.

One of the types crimes the general public is most concerned about involves sexual attacks. The public knows that both pedophiles and rapists tend to repeat their behavior once released from prison.

As a result, many prisons have therapeutic groups for sex offenders. In many cases, the participants choose to attend these groups Swift, Research in Canada on the efficacy of these interventions gave startling results: These charges, if proven true, are likely to carry a sentence that will include some jail time.

In the case of year-old Doug Kant, this should be the anticipated outcome. Though Kant's criminal record is clean with respect to child sexual abuse or other sexual misconduct, the act of fondling an underage individual will bring a conviction and the certainty of a period of incarceration.

For Kant, there are several mitigating factors that will impact the severity of his sentence. One that cannot be fully determined using the case data provided is the impact levied by his state of residency.

Every state has its own set of parameters when shaping sentencing decisions. The state-based code of sentencing will help to determine the length of time that Kant would ultimately be relegated…… [Read More]. Awareness about psychology behind domestic violence has been greatly enhanced in recent years, as have legal protections for victims.

However, the courts' major decisions on domestic violence cases have been somewhat equivocal. For example, in the case of Castle Rock v Gonzales, the abused woman filed a complaint against the police department, arguing that it violated her right to Due Process when "acting pursuant to official policy or custom" the police "failed to respond to her repeated reports over several hours that her estranged husband had taken their three children in violation of her restraining order against him.

Ultimately, the husband murdered the children" Castle Rock v Gonzales, , Cornell. In the case, the woman had a restraining order against her husband, prohibiting him from coming near her or her children. However, ultimately the court did not find favor with the defendant since a restraining order is not a property…… [Read More]. Ethics in Criminal Justice Maintaining. A written policy regarding sexual misconduct is imperative, as is stringent hiring practices including applicant screening, adequate supervision, training, and a structured investigative process regarding allegations of sexual misconduct Abner et al.

Addressing Sexual Offenses further states that it is necessary to clearly outline the consequences for sexual misconduct as a means of deterring it Abner et al.

Additionally, Addressing Sexual Offenses outlines other strategies which need to be employed to eliminate the possibility of police sexual misconduct including videotaping all officer interactions, requiring strict time reporting, and implementing unannounced spot checks on officer's electronic devices and communication devices Abner et al. Specific strategies, policies, training, screening, and supervising must be employed to eradicate sexual misconduct by law enforcement officers.

Obviously, sexual misconduct by law enforcement officers is a reality and has far reaching implications within a society. Only by eliminating the behavior, will it be possible…… [Read More]. Forensics and Mental Health. Forensic Mental Health Legislation and Policies The current position on forensic mental health issues when it comes to legislation and policies is a strong one, but there are some difficulties that do not translate well into the probation and parole policies that are currently offered.

In other words, there are issues that are not being addressed, and that are allowing individuals with mental health problems who on are probation and parole to slip through the cracks and struggle with their issues on their own Wang, et al. The high proportion of indigenous offenders is one of the biggest issues that indicates mental health…… [Read More]. Delinquent Anti-Social Behavior In the contemporary world of ours, one of the major problems that the modern society is facing is that of juvenile delinquency.

Unfortunately, this problem is the cause of major suffering, damage and anguish to the sufferers, the person responsible for it and society in general. When delinquency is discussed in a broad context, it encompasses a large number of behaviors that can be considered as norm-breaking.

Therefore, the adolescents who adopt such damaging behaviors are regarded as criminally responsible for a number of factors including drug use, aggressive felonies against other people and weapon carrying and handling. However, the mentioned are just a few examples of delinquency. The off-putting and harmful psychosocial and monetary consequences of criminal behavior in conjunction with its increasing development have given rise to experts' concerns.

This is the reason why the recent info regarding delinquency restates the inevitability of these concerns…… [Read More]. Sexual addiction is a disorder that is characterized by repetitive and compulsive thoughts about sex and sexual acts.

Like other types of addictions the behavior must have a negative impact on the person so that it leads to issues with the person's social, occupational or legal functioning.

The current paper describes sexual addictions, the controversy surrounding their diagnosis, and some proposed diagnostic criteria. The second half of the paper discusses a treatment plan combining cognitive behavioral therapy and a step program in the treatment of internet pornography addiction.

Issues surrounding treatment are also discussed. Sexual addiction is a disorder of intimacy that is characterized by repetitive and compulsive thoughts about sex and sexual acts. As the disorder…… [Read More]. Child Abuse and Sexuality. In more than cases related to child sexual abuse have been listen in the state-based reports, that have been accumulated by the office of Child Abuse and Neglect U. Department of Health and Human Services [U. Majority of these cases related to sexual abuse never get registered or reported.

Finkelhor, Ormrod, Turner, and Hamby's conducted a survey a while back in which the sample constituted of parents along with children. The results of the survey were that, in the year before the survey, out of every children 82 have been a victim of sexual abuse Whitaker, The abused child undergoes various problems socially, behaviorally, psychologically and physically.

Psychology Analysis of the crime scene After Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced, he was taken to the Correctional Institution of Columbia, located in Portage; a town in Wisconsin. During his first incarceration year, Dahmer was confined separately in order to keep him physically safe in case he interacted with other prisoners.

With his consent, when the first solitary confinement year was over, Dahmer was taken to a unit that was less secure. Here, he was made to work for two hours each day; he used to clean the ablution block. Apparently, Dahmer adapted well to life in prison, although he had at first been separated from the other inmates.

He ultimately managed to convince the authorities to let him interact more with his fellow prisoners. Dahmer learnt religion from photos and books he received from his father. The Correctional Institution of Columbia even allowed him to go through baptism; it was…… [Read More].

War on Drugs and Its. The community also loses vital members who otherwise would be contributing to it Moore, and Elkavich Just by eliminating nonviolent offenders from the prison population could total prison costs of This has also had tragic impacts upon the health of injection drug users. This includes the disruption of the provision of health care to injection drug users IDU and increasing risk behaviors associated with infectious disease transmission and overdose Kerr, Small, and Wood Certainly, it makes sense to treat drug addicts out of jail where it will be more effective.

Justice Crime and Ethics. Justice, Crime and Ethics Prepping the President: Today's News and Tomorrow's Solutions. In prepping the president on the topic at hand, significant attention must be paid to the use of rehabilitation in corrections, which has proven itself effective in rehabilitating criminal offenders in a way that allows them to regain a productive life for the remainder of their sentence and beyond.

In viewing the status of criminal rehabilitation as well as the programs and policy considerations…… [Read More]. Pattern Case Study Fact Pattern. The issues, problems and recommendations The subject matter of the case study itself highlights a number of issues, factors and problems that existed at the Mermon Correctional Institution, which is located outside the Washington D.

One of the most significant problems that the Mermon Correctional Facility faces in the case study is of the existing staff levels employed by the prison administration. According to many prison staff members, which also included the victim Correctional Officer Marsha Willis, the number of staff enrolled by the prison administration was less than the numbers that should have been present in an average correctional facility in the country. According to the classification of prisons made by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a correctional institution requires to have a high staff member to inmate ratio.

Such a policy was in place to ensure that the prison security measures were up to the mark required for…… [Read More]. Enforcement of Statutory Rape Laws. These statistics deny that a great number of older men are taking advantage of young girls and making them pregnant. Eight per cent is hardly an epidemic. Moreover, enforcement of these laws frequently has unexpected consequences.

For example, year-old Kevin Gillson was charged in Wisconsin with sexual assault for getting his year-old girlfriend pregnant. His name was entered in a national registry of sex offenders even though he planned to marry the…… [Read More]. The Psychological Profile of Jeffery. It was also at this period in his life that the alleged acts of molestation which may have occurred during his childhood began to manifest in psychosexual dysfunction.

According to Odom, "in an interview Jeffrey once stated, 'it started at the age of 14 or I started having excessive fantasies of violence intermingled with sex and it just got worse and worse. I didn't know how to tell anyone, so I didn't. I just kept it all inside. Perhaps by no coincidence, the year that he graduated from high school and his parents got divorced would be the same in which he committed his first murder.

Indications are also that Dahmer was exposed to violence between his parents during the dissolution…… [Read More]. Police In this scenario of what may be an instance of domestic violence, the officer has the option of simply talking to the couple, determining what is wrong and issuing a warning-or pressing charges against both or one of the participants for disorderly conduct.

The police officer can simply use his or her presence to influence the couple's behavior or can use the actual weight of the law. The officer will have to use his or her perceptions of the relationship between the couple as well as the information the couple offers.

As part of assessment, the officer should speak to both members of the couple separately to determine if one or more of the participants is at risk of suffering further physical violence.

The officer should also determine if alcohol or drugs are potentially involved, which can affect the participants' judgment. It should be noted that merely because the…… [Read More].

Criminology Social Learning Theory and. In the case of family therapy, this may also be true for children. In addition, breaking the children away from the family may foster hatred or further anxiety between the groups, and bringing the children back into the home after the couples have undergone counseling may subject them to an unintended stressor, further harming their relationship with one another.

In this case, it is important for members of law enforcement to realize that each family makes mistakes, and that being a part of a family is -- for many -- a new experience. Children of divorced parents, abusive parents, etc. However, addressing problems with the family intact can be one way to insure that the legacy does not pass to the children of this family. Another negative affect that this policy…… [Read More]. Public Policy The Amber Alert. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which had originally declined to help further the cause in , expanded in and started helping to promote the Amber Alert Lawmakers, That was a huge leap forward for the Amber Alert system, because the NCMEC was such a large organization with so much to offer when it came to getting the public's attention and getting the word out about children who needed help because they had been abducted or had otherwise disappeared from their home or another location.

Thanks to the Amber Alert and the efforts of agencies with which that alert is associated, more children are found before they can be harmed. From both a social and a political context, the Amber Alert is highly significant. The natural instinct of most of society is to protect children, because they are weaker and more vulnerable to predators than the…… [Read More]. Georgetown is considered part of the Salisbury, Maryland-Delaware metropolitan statistical area.

It shares no boundaries with any major metropolitan area, as Georgetown is located in a rural region. It is known as the Deep South of Delaware because it is historically and culturally connected with the south Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Business Directory, Georgetown is technically a town, not a city. As of the census, the population of Georgetown is 6, Georgetown is divided into seven administrative departments that work in conjunction with the town manager to serve the needs of the community Town of Georgetown, These seven departments include finance, administration, planning, police, public works,…… [Read More].

Juvenile Recidivism Rates and Analysis. Should be on its own page. Juvenile recidivism is a prevalent problem in the criminal justice system.

Tackling reoffending remains a complex task requiring several strategies and aims. It involves research, acknowledgement of causes, factors, exploration, and evaluation of subgroups to generate long-term, positive changes in the lives of juvenile offenders. From gang violence to Interactive, Constructive, Active, and Passive ICAP , researchers discover some of the reasons why juveniles reoffend and the kinds of intervention methods that may help or worsen the problem of juvenile recidivism.

Intervention philosophies like surveillance, discipline, close monitoring may increase recidivism rates. Restorative programs, counseling, skill building programs, as well as multiple coordinated services decrease recidivism rates. Comment by Max Dugan: I would put evaluation at the end of the list vs. Need to spell out all acronyms before using in APA format. Relevance Juvenile offenders and reoffenders are…… [Read More]. Juvenile Delinquency Juvenile Sexual Offending. Moreover, if an adolescent who has reached 18 commits sexual offending is considered an adult sex offender, "what does this mean for young adults who engaged in sexually abusive behavior prior to age 18?

Because of this blurry line, Rich suggests, it is imperative that adolescents of older age must especially be provided with comprehensive treatment programs to prevent them from developing fixed sexualized abusive interests.

Because of the complicated nature of the problem of juvenile sex offending, Rich offers a holistic treatment for curing juvenile sex offenders. The holistic model, grounded on the principle that the 'whole' of the person needs to be taken into consideration, must look into the nature of the individual "whose emotions, cognitions, behaviors and relationships are driven by multiple factors, many of which are unique to that individual" p.

In other words, the approach should first and foremost focus on learning…… [Read More]. Wrong to Register Pedophiles. We see cops and robbers on television programs and in the movies, perhaps have to interact with the police ourselves when we get a speeding ticket or when our house is robbed. These encounters are likely to leave us with the impression that the system is generally a just one, one in which the guilty are in fact punished sufficiently but not overly for the crimes that they have committed while the innocent are set free.

However, in reality the nature of justice is often far more ambiguous and complex than the picture presented on television would suggest: The borders of guilt and innocence - of crime and punishment - are far greyer than many of us would like to believe.

One of the areas in which this is most obvious is in the ways in which the criminal justice system - and…… [Read More]. Victimology in Recent Years Information About the. Victimology In recent years, information about the widespread problems of sexual abuse have become more readily available and less secretive than ever before in Western culture history.

Rape and molestation are reported on the news and to police agencies with a great deal more consistency than in decades past. Although the subject remains extremely taboo in most circles, it is widely known that tens of thousands of children in America alone are the victims of sexual abuse in some form.

Not only are thousands of children being sexually abused, but many of these are permanently affected by the crimes against them and by a surrounding culture in which sexual coercion and violence are common. Because of this, many juveniles are becoming not only targets but also perpetrators of sexual violence. It will focus discovering the treatment option, or combination of options that results in the lowest incidence of recidivism for the longest period following the treatment.

Cougar- Your life is worthwhile. I pray that you will indeed make a positive difference in the environment you are in. Im shaking and in tears because my son is being sentenced tomorrow to a 5 yr plus prison sentence for a non violent sex crime. He is only 22 yrs old with no prior record and yes he is smaller so I am terrified for his safety.

I am so afraid and I wish there was something I could say tomorrow to convince the judge not to send him to prison but to rehabilitate him instead so he can have a real chance at becoming a great young man. I believe not all offenders are hardened criminals but rather just need some stability and structure in their lives so that they can have a productive life.

Many are worth the effort in saving…. God please help me find the words to save my son tomorrow…. If convicted for a sex crime your son deserves everything coming to him, and more.

I hope the fucker who raped and sodomized my innocent autistic daughter is getting it up the ass and best to shit everyday. Not everyone is guilty. My grandson has been caught in lies, caught watching porn, caught asking a little girl in school to take her clothes off so he can hump her.

And not to mention the fact of the environment he lives in with his dad. He has two step sisters, 17 and The 17 yr old said she has never tasted dick and wants to. The 15 yr old wants to be a pole strip dancer when she gets older so she and my grandson looked up all that information online. Now tell me who the hell has the problem here.

Also if my son gets convicted cause of these damn lies and gets sent to prison then so help anyone who touches him while is there. Watching porn, acting out with developmentally inappropriate sexual activity, etc. It is extremely difficult to convict someone of a crime without any proof, so I encourage you to do some real soul-searching regarding your assertions that your grandson is lying.

Something is going on. And if your son was convicted, it sounds like the justice system had probably cause to make that decision. Denial is a powerful thing. Ugh, thank you for bringing that up, Lindsey. It infuriates me that people turn a blind eye to that kind of behavior, it is painfully obvious that child is the victim of sexual abuse.

How much time did he get and what state. Oh my God you are wonderful Man. My heart is breaking. As a father and an ex con I have spoken to my only male child about this. So in the future if my son gets convicted for beeing dirty… Well. Its really a worthless life why even bother being Mr big behind a God dame cage for top of the food chain morons seriously. The Top 3 Killers Fighting the Ninja: Cougar Newquist, Contributing Writer In prison, there are a lot of vulnerable people.

Most convicts believe that if you are not a predator, you are a victim. He died almost instantly. Winotime May 24, at 2: Jody December 18, at Michelle July 27, at 1: Nancy adams April 1, at Lindsey Kit January 25, at 6: Chloe February 19, at Ike January 4, at 3: Clifton Manning March 31, at 6:

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- INTRODUCTION Stories of sex offenders have been increasingly a focus of attention by the criminal justice system over the past years. By legal definition, a sex offender “is a person who is convicted of a sexual offense (Sex Offender Law & Legal Definition),” an act which is prohibited by the jurisdiction.

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