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Extended Essay: Conducting Primary Research

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❶Examining original sources , for example:

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Primary Research - a Definition
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Research skills can take time and practice to develop, but don’t be intimidated. This guide will cover the basics of conducting primary research. What is Primary Research? The concept of primary research is quite simple. Primary research involves the collection of original data that addresses a specific research question.

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Performing Primary Market Research. Although a professional research company can perform primary market research, it is cheaper for a business to conduct its own study. The cost of paying a professional company usually ranges anywhere from $3, to $25,, depending on the type of research performed.

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Primary research is designed to meet your unique and specific needs. This fundamental research is conducted by you (if you're on a tight budget), or by a research firm that you hire for the project—usually a firm that comes recommended by a colleague. The research can include focus groups, surveys, interviews, and observations. Quantitative research focuses on gathering specific data to prove or disprove the hypotheses created in the qualitative phase. The five biggest obstacles to good primary market research. The fundamental concept of primary market research sounds easy, but doing it is not. Here are some of the pitfalls. 1.

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Techniques of Conducting Primary Market Research. Primary research methods can generally be tailored to suit your business needs and are highly customizable. The source of all primary research data is the population or demographic from which data is collected. Primary research is the collecting of original data. Not all subjects permit the use of primary methods as part of the research process for the EE, so it is important to carefully check your subject guidelines before starting.