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I am no where near a professional in terms of my knowledge of Egyptology, and I don't have any formal experience in copy-editing although I am a good, solid writer. He's really paying me to correct his English, which tends to have a lot of mistakes. How much should I charge? Also, do I charge by the hour or by the page? It's a little awkward because I am his student, so I feel like I shouldn't charge a lot - but at the same time, I can tell this is going to be a great deal of work Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Charge him professional rates only if you feel you have professional-level skills, not in Egyptology but in written English. It sounds to me as if you have good amateur skills, so you might want to discount the price structure I'm about to give you.

Since his work requires an editor's understanding of technical terminology, insist that he provide you with written definitions from a native English speaker, including parts of speech and differentiating similar terms from one another. They're based on the industry standard of words per page, which is the average for double-spaced text if and only if it's in Courier 12 with one-inch margins on all four sides.

If he is using another font, he's got more text per page and your rates should go up. Range of Fees Copyediting, basic But it's entirely possible that you won't be so fast, due to inexperience and the amount of correction required. Don't undervalue your services. Urge him to seek professional editors online. He will find the prices are both high and fair. As an academic, he understands knowledge has value, and he should be willing to pay for others' knowledge of written English.

I think it's best to assume your professor is an honest man who understands that the only fair thing to do is to pay you for your hard work. But what to charge? Try to figure out how long did it took to proof-read one page of his work. If it took, let's say, 5 minutes, you can estimate that editing the whole dissertation will take around 58 hours.

Now, what would you like to earn for an hour of hard work? What is a normal salary in Japan for an hour of office work? Now, If you want to be frank with your professor, you can give him the numbers and tell him how did you estimate the total price. Then, you can negotiate a price that suits both of you. This Site Might Help You. I have proofread some of his As a none-native English speaking PhD, I would suggest your professor actually a graduate student to seek professional help online.

There is an violation in ethic for him asking you to perform editing work for him especially he is paying so little. Writing is a process that takes many hours, weeks, and month, even for native English speakers. You will either need time or the money. Unless you are really need the money, pages will take about 3 weeks of full time work to do a good job. I would suggest this: That way his work will also give you a jump start on your career.

I have no idea what a fair price would be. I've starred this question in case any of my contacts know better. Need to be sure of your dissertation?

Our proofreading service combs your writing for grammar and spelling errors. You can order online in under 2 minutes. Opt for ESL editing service if English is your second language. ESL editing ensures that your document is thoroughly overhauled for language and format compliance.

Is the language, writing style and format compliance is draining you of the energy and research process? Are you stuck with dissertation due to continuous rejections and comments from your supervisor?

Opt for our dissertation editing services and get assurance of guaranteed approval of your dissertation within three iterations or your money back. All our editors hold a PhD and have been through the dissertation process themselves. We have edited dissertations and proposal for doctoral candidates from many leading Universities including Walden, Capella, Phoenix, Columbia Southern, Texas, Northwestern, Brown, Nova Southeastern and many more.

Our team works with unique synergy to ensure that issues of ordering, payments, queries, invoices and well taken care of. Your documents remain confidential and secure with us.

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Dissertation Editing Help Yahoo dissertation editing help yahoo Dissertation Editing Help From Professional Writing Service, Get The Best Grade. We Provide Excellent Essay Writing Service 24/7. Cheap Phd Dissertation Writing Help Dissertation Editing Services by published PhD scholars.

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With the help of professional thesis editing services, it is possible to get rid of the dissertation’s weak sides. If you are an international student, you definitely need editing help services to make sure your dissertation’s English is just perfect.

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Jan 20,  · I think it's best to assume your professor is an honest man who understands that the only fair thing to do is to pay you for your hard work. I normally charge for a page (or number of characters w/ spaces) but in this case, you should estimate how long will it take and charge in Resolved. Dissertation Editing Fast, Affordable, Professional. We'll help with your work in progress, checking for clarity, organization, tone, and other content issues, as well as providing a first pass on spelling, grammar, and typographical errors.

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Dissertation Editing Help UK. The purpose of dissertation is to create unique research based paper on a particular topic. UK universities are the one who gives stress on the dissertation writing, as this is an important aspect of any student to rectify his efficiency/5(14K). Our dissertation editing and proofreading services have been designed to help you prepare a high-quality dissertation that you can submit with confidence. Every assignment is matched to a professional editor from the same subject.