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Overpopulation: An Overlooked Factor in Global Health

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❶Business magnate Ted Turner proposed a "voluntary, non-imposed" one-child-per-family cultural norm.

Global Population Estimates by Age, 1950-2050

‘The Picture Isn’t Pretty’
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Overpopulation Essay

Billions will die and nuclear war is all but certain. In America, this is being hugely accelerated by massive immigration and immigrant reproduction, combined with abuses made possible by democracy. Depraved human nature inexorably turns the dream of democracy and diversity into a nightmare of crime and poverty. China will continue to overwhelm America and the world, as long as it maintains the dictatorship which limits selfishness.

The root cause of collapse is the inability of our innate psychology to adapt to the modern world, which leads people to treat unrelated persons as though they had common interests. The idea of human rights is an evil fantasy promoted by leftists to draw attention away from the merciless destruction of the earth by unrestrained 3rd world motherhood.

This, plus ignorance of basic biology and psychology, leads to the social engineering delusions of the partially educated who control democratic societies. Few understand that if you help one person you harm someone else—there is no free lunch and every single item anyone consumes destroys the earth beyond repair. Consequently, social policies everywhere are unsustainable and one by one all societies without stringent controls on selfishness will collapse into anarchy or dictatorship.

The most basic facts, almost never mentioned, are that there are not enough resources in America or the world to lift a significant percentage of the poor out of poverty and keep them there.

The attempt to do this is bankrupting America and destroying the world. And now, as always, by far the greatest enemy of the poor is other poor and not the rich. Without dramatic and immediate changes, there is no hope for preventing the collapse of America, or any country that follows a democratic system. Overpopulation, or the stories we tell ourselves.

Short article published as part of the Huffington Post's Apocalypse series. While the idea of colonising other worlds is as old as humankind itself and while with the advent of the space age this idea has fortified, in the last couple of years plans to build and maintain colonies on Moon or Mars have become more While the idea of colonising other worlds is as old as humankind itself and while with the advent of the space age this idea has fortified, in the last couple of years plans to build and maintain colonies on Moon or Mars have become more concrete.

Recent decades have seen significant shifts in our awareness of Earth's systems and capacities, as well as human impacts on them eg. Population growth, intense resource-exploitation, and pollution have caused wide-scale ecosystem degradation and global climate change Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change In this time, the commercial space sector has also risen to prominence. Particularly since , when the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act was signed, there has been increased emphasis on government-commercial partnerships in the US space sector, and increased visibility of commercial space exploration.

In this paper, we seek to evaluate such a claim and highlight realistic limitations and possibilities around the idea of large-scale space colonisation as solution to key global challenges. We assume a healthy and ecologically sustainable population on Earth to be at billion inhabitants at the current per capita consumption of food, water and resources. Therefore we aim to theoretically settle 4 billion people to off-planet colonies and try to estimate if settling them off would be feasible at all, whether the emigration rate could compensate the birthrate, how many launches would be necessary and what they would require in terms of resources both in terms of fuel for the space transfer and in terms of food for the survival of the passengers , and what the impacts for the remaining population would be, assuming the use of state-of-the-art propellants and technologies.

Educational intervention on dog sterilization and retention in Taiwan. Malthusian cycles are political-demographic cycles that were typical for complex premodern societies. Due to a number of mechanisms, within the premodern social systems and some would argue even in the 21st century , population growth Due to a number of mechanisms, within the premodern social systems and some would argue even in the 21st century , population growth tended to produce a set of imbalances and strains, eventually resulting in political-demographic collapses and substantial population decline.

After stabilization, the population growth usually restarted— marking the beginning of a new Malthusian political demographic cycle. This entry provides an overview of elements of the Malthusian cycle dynamics, a consideration of its political aspects, a summary of theories and mathematical models that have been advanced to explain the Malthusian cycles, and a discussion of the escape from the Malthusian trap and its political consequences.

Global population is growing faster than it ever has throughout all of human history. While it took up until the 19th century to reach one billion, the shift from six to seven billion occurred in about 12 years.

Currently, despite a modest slowing down, global population is still increasing and it is set to reach nine or ten billion by This data needs to be evaluated together with climate change and environmental pollution, whose alarming consequences have been highlighted by the vast majority of the scientific community. Overpopulation in Southern Asia. Analysis of how to tackle this issue. Written in spring Book cover of "Consumerism, or Capitalism Without Crises".

This process has already begun, and is This process has already begun, and is arrestable only by incessant warfare. It makes far more sense to deliberately accelerate the principles explained in the book, using the proposed apps. Politically, Consumerism integrates the right of center and left of center discarding the artificial wall between them, and restrains the alt-right and alt-left.

Review of "The Bet: By framing the future as a stark choice between hard environmental limits and unlimited human possibility, Ehrlich and Simon did us a disservice. Values, trade-offs, and compromises are at the heart of societal solutions. Now the most viable solution for Australia's population woes is to make existing cities bigger. Fifty years ago biologist Paul Ehrlich published 'The Population Bomb,' an apocalyptic warning that overcrowding would lead to wars and famine.

Here's what the book got right and wrong. Artificial islands that are now mushrooming across the ocean are regarded as 'engineering marvels'.

But, little attention is paid to how these human-made structures affect sea life. Reasoned debates on sustainable migration intake levels are important. But transport and health infrastructure shortfalls in Western Sydney won't be solved by reactive anti-immigration attitudes.

The jury is in and the debate is over: The black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens, could help solve global food shortages by feeding livestock. It can even be used to make diesel fuel. The global economy is already unsustainable — let alone if it gets bigger. Humans used to keep up by simply burning more fuel or farming more land.

In a simple sense, population is the root…. Each new human on the planet makes extinctions more likely, yet birth control still isn't seen as a big environmental issue.

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New research suggests that population growth is driving numerous global health crises, yet it's rarely factored into the equation. Overpopulation: An Overlooked Factor in Global Health.

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Aug 15,  · Browse Overpopulation news, research and analysis from The Conversation.

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Overpopulation is the world's top environmental issue, followed closely by climate change and the need to develop renewable energy resources to replace fossil fuels, according to a survey of the. Free overpopulation papers, essays, and research papers. Overpopulation’s Effect on Environment - In today’s society there are many economic problems, such as pollution, global warming, and overpopulation.

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Overpopulation Overpopulation research papers look into the occurance of excess in a species that causes overburdening to its environment. Overpopulation occurs when there is an excess of any species, overburdening its environment. Method section: The research question that is trying to answered is if there is an actual overpopulation problem. The hypothesis is that overpopulation is increasing drastically and if it is not seriously will their be some sort of disaster/plague?