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Essay on Responsibility

Responsibility and the State

❶Taking personal responsibility is essential for all development and learning but it counts especially in college. What qualities do you have that will make you an effective psychologist?

What Should Appear in a Personal Apology Letter?

Personal Responsibility and College Success Essay Sample
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Our parents are no longer there to tell us when to study or what time to get up for soccer practice. The benefits of personal responsibility include the fact that we become more capable of learning from our mistakes and growing accordingly.

We also learn how to accept praise and criticism equally, as we are responsible for both our own mistakes and our own successes. It is not an accident and it requires patience and effort," "Personal esponsibility," n. Therefore, it will not necessarily be easy to become responsible for ourselves and accountable for our own behaviors.

This is partly because many college students were raised…… [Read More]. Personal esponsibility Introduction-What is Personal esponsibility? In short, personal responsibility is when an individual analyzes the societal standards set around them, the importance of those standards set and the strenuous efforts an individual puts in to live up to the standards set.

Personal Responsibility Generally Personal Responsibility. As a membe of the college community, my plan fo pesonal esponsibility is to always comply with fomal ules and codes of conduct and be sensitive to the ights and welfae of othes and to act in ways that espect those ights even when it might be moe convenient fo me not to.

Conclusion Pesonal esponsibility means ecognizing obligations and meeting all of the budens of those obligations. Cicumstances calling fo pesonal esponsibility aise in many diffeent contexts, including in elation to ou obligations as students. While thee ae many diffeent specific duties that coespond to diffeent types of obligations, in pinciple, pesonal esponsibility simply means ecognizing ou obligations honestly and doing what is easonably necessay fo us to fulfill those obligations in good faith.

In the case of esponsibilities as students, the geatest challenge is pobably sticking to ou initial plans when cicumstances tempt us to do othewise. Personal Responsibility in College the. Another way of looking at it is that whenever there is not enough time to do everything one plans in college, the first casualty is academic responsibility. Typically, the first year of college is also the first experience that incoming students have ever been completely self-responsible Lucier, Very often, with no parents or authority figures to answer to, college freshmen develop irresponsible habits.

Magical thinking takes over and the student "plans" to write a paper in two-week, then one week, then four day, then in two days, and then ends up staying awake all night before it is due and requesting an extension that day. My plan is to be responsible with respect to prioritizing my commitments appropriately, managing my time realistically and effectively, and maintaining a general overall sense of purposefulness to help me in both of those respects.

Moral Development The typical college student spends the first…… [Read More]. Personal Responsibility A Reflection Anyone. The revelation that I needed to take more responsibility for my actions did not come all at once, but in fits and starts. I remember distinctly one day when I was tired from having begun my homework far too late the night before. I lay my head down on my desk and after a few moments was conscious of the teacher looking down at me.

Much to my surprise, he did not look angry, just disappointed. I realized that what he said was true: I was not making the effort. I would say that I was trying hard, as I ran my laps in gym class, or opened up a book to study, but I really was not fully present in the moment -- I was always doing things in a half-hearted way and looking for an excuse…… [Read More].

Personal Responsibility-Annotated Bibliography owning, S. Strategies for Creating Success in College and Life. The book is in its 6th printing, and interestingly is often used in student success courses in formal curriculums.

The focus of the book is on choices: The gist of the focus, though, is on the identification of behaviors and beliefs that may need to be changed in order to allow for more success. In other words, the book is all about preventing "self-sabotage," thought the use of tools designed specifically to help younger people. The credibility comes from examples of real people, the interest level in the short psychological tests offered to help uncover behavioral…… [Read More].

Personal Responsibility Is an Obligation to Oneself. Personal responsibility is an obligation to oneself. Obviously you can't control every aspect of life, however you can absolutely control the decisions that you make.

To do this takes a lot of thought and self-discipline. You have to make an effort to first compile all of the options available. Not everyone makes this effort. Rather they simply choose take the easiest option without really considering what else could be done. This type of behavior represents more of a reactive approach to life's events; simply taking the easy way out.

Taking personal responsibility is a proactive approach to dealing the things that life throws at you. It all begins with setting challenging goals; things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Then the next step is to set the parameters or the rules by which you will live by.

There are various approaches to this including personal moral systems or personal…… [Read More]. Personal Responsibility We Live in. In the context of responsibility to ourselves, personal responsibility means, in large part, establishing logical goals, identifying what commitments are necessary to achieve those goals, and then maintaining our commitment to those goals thereafter.

You cannot control everything that happens in your life. Events are not always the result of personal choices you have made. Nonetheless, you do have control of how you react to situations and events.

You have response -- ability. This entails the realization that everything you do has consequences. Show good judgment and exercise emotional control. When bad thing happen stop trying to fix blame and try to fix things. The situation already exists, try to forgive and forget and get past the moment.

Also, you must forgive yourself for the mistakes that are your fault, make the necessary apologies and move on. Dwelling on mistakes only makes them more important than they should be.

Even though not everyone seeks to get college education, personal responsibility and education go together. A person must develop good morals, rules, and good time management to achieve personal goals that lead to a successful life. In addition, self-discipline, respect of oneself and others, loyalty and compassion seem to be central elements that help to foster personal and social responsibility on college campuses.

The paper seeks to introduce all these elements and by doing so try to develop a preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in my college education.

Taking personal responsibility is essential for all development and learning but it counts especially in college. There are three reasons for it: First, research has shown that college results are to a very high degree tied to the efforts that students put into their studies in particular and campus life in general.

Second, irresponsible students…… [Read More]. Personal esponsibility and Academic Success There are many determinants of academic success. Indeed, a review of literature indicates that those who excel in academics have certain traits that their colleagues lack. One such trait is personal responsibility. In basic terms, personal responsibility has got to do with being accountable for one's actions.

This text seeks to highlight the direct relationship that exists between personal responsibility and academic success. The Correlation Between Personal esponsibility and Academic Success Through a research brief, Wisconsin Education Association Council notes that "there is an extensive body of research showing that students who assume responsibility for their own learning are more motivated, more self-reliant and more effective learners.

Further, being personally responsible for ones own learning allows for the development of key competencies which go a…… [Read More]. Logic Behind the Personal Responsibility and Work. House resolution in dealing with strengthening the original law's emphasis on promoting marriage "was based upon the idea that by "encouraging marriage the marriage rate will increase and the poverty rates will go down and the individuals on welfare will decrease However, the question arises as to whether such a bill treats the root causes of poverty.

Single parent households may be more common in underprivileged environments, but that may be more due to a lack of hope amongst all residents rather than a unique feature of single parent households. Children being born to unwed mothers may be more of a symptom than a cause. The idea that government should 'engineer' the life of the poor,…… [Read More].

Mob Mentality the Wave and Personal Responsibility. The film explores the question of how the events surrounding the Holocaust, the mass extermination of 10 million Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and the mentally and physically infirm, was allowed to take place by the German people during the Second orld ar.

The center of the inquiry is a high school history class where the teacher establishes a culture based on discipline, community and action. He calls the movement "the wave" and sets in motion a series of events highly reminiscent of Nazi Germany during the s and early s. Personal Professional Development Plan in Nursing. This influenced my choice to pursue a career in nursing. Amendment II to the Constitution of the United States The preceding sentence has inspired a great deal of controversy over the years.

Gun control is a heated topic in both American politics and in civil discourse throughout the nation. The issue has had a profound effect on lobbyists and on the general public. Issues revolving around gun control and the constitutionality of both new and old laws constantly see media attention.

Every time there is a school shooting or a justifiable homicide, large numbers of advocates for gun control and opponents against the issue arise. Indeed, the politics of gun control and the rights of gun ownership inspire heated and emotional debates throughout the nation. The concept of gun control is ultimately flawed.

Ethics are applied to business and personal behaviors, and are used to determine how companies and individuals abide to policies.

To indicate the application of ethical principles in organizations, an analysis is carried out of For-Profit and Non-For-Profit organizations, in this case Bank of America and Boys Club of America. This is by analyzing an ethical dilemma they are experiencing, their approach to the problem, and the legal, political, and social outcomes emerging from this cause of action. Part One The Boys Clubs of America is a non-for-profit organization founded in s in Harford, Connecticut Formed with the aim of giving boys who roamed the streets a positive alternative.

The club has undergone major changes beginning in when several boys' clubs affiliated to…… [Read More]. Personal Model of Leadership the Modern Business. Personal Model of Leadership The modern business environment has significantly diversified, in order to adapt to the changes determined by globalization.

Given the situation, the importance of the role of leaders has also increased. This determined theorists' and practitioners' interest in leadership studies that are able to provide some guidelines regarding the manner in which leaders should behave. The challenge is represented by the fact that the leadership models presented by the literature in the field and by the business practice lead to the assumption that these leadership models are unable to respond to the changing business environment Clawson, In other words, leaders must trust their instincts and knowledge when establishing the leadership model they should follow.

Such leaders should also take into consideration successful leadership models, no matter the field the leaders in case addressed. This is because the values encouraged by a leader in politics can be…… [Read More]. Personal Leadership Journal Enter The chances of success of the survey are even higher if the survey is anonymous and respondents do not fear any repercussions.

Name of assessment instrument Survey of Influence Tactics Enter a summary of your reactions to the assessment instrument Also a good tool, but most effective if anonymous to identify who has the power to influence others and how do they use this influence Name of assessment instrument Measure of Ingratiating Behavior in Organizational Settings Enter a summary of your reactions to the assessment instrument This is also related to the power of influence certain individuals might have within the organization Name of assessment instrument Identifying Influence Tactics Enter a summary of your reactions to the assessment instrument The tool is good for the overall interest of the organization and it will resolve conflicts and complaints eflect on other assignments from the week including the Leader of Choice Carly…… [Read More].

Personal Definition of Nursing Nursing Theory Like most facilities, my institution stresses that it cares for its patients. Its belief in the value of caring and the place of caring at the center of nursing practice has caused it to make Jean Watson's Human Caring Theory the core of its philosophy.

Watson's theory states that caring is an interpersonal science and a "caring environment is one that offers the development of potential while allowing the person to choose the best action for himself or herself at a given point in time" Jean Watson's theory of nursing, , Current Nursing.

One critical assumption that I see implemented in my practice is the idea that "caring is more 'healthogenic' than is curing. A science of caring is complementary to the science of curing" Jean Watson's theory of nursing, , Current Nursing.

Nursing may be a science, but nurses must always remember that…… [Read More]. Personal Strategic Leadership Plan Background of the. Personal trategic Leadership Plan Background of the ituation Requiring Change In my current organization, there is a need to improve the communication efficiency of many employees.

We have encountered problems because of poor communication, especially in written form. On several occasions, clients have expressed frustration because they were unable to understand the meaning of emails sent to them in the ordinary course of business. For example, one client complained and asked to be re-assigned to different account managers because he believed that the export manager who had been handling his account was inexperienced.

Meanwhile, she has more than a decade of experience doing her job and she is one of our new employee trainers. Our internal audit of her communications with clients revealed that the problem is strictly…… [Read More]. Personal Security and the Internet. The responsibility to seek out and use the most appropriate form of protection for a particular system lies with its user. If a user does not regard these duties with the appropriate seriousness, the consequences could be dire indeed.

Another very threatening form of computer crime is the phishing scam. Phishing Phishing involves email from an apparently legitimate source such as a bank or other place of business that requires the user to respond with personal information. Most commonly, banks are used as a front for these scams. The most common messages of this type is that a user's account has been disabled and will only be reinstated once the apparent company has received the specific requested data.

When a user sends this data, the criminal can then use it for his or her own purposes, such as identity theft or credit card fraud. Personal Leadership in Medieval and. He praises the common soldiers of England for their prowess, and rather than talking to the generals and leaders of the field, almost all of his speeches are addressed to ground-level soldiers.

He speaks the language of everyday Englishmen and has a sense of humor and popular appeal, as he notes that the men who fight will remember what their feats "with advantages" 4. Henry may not have a legitimate claim upon the throne through his usurper father, but he does understand the mentality of the English soldier, and provides a unifying force for the soldiers in a way that is unique and unlike other English kings before him.

This is greater legitimacy than any title, and more meaningful than the prayers for…… [Read More]. Personal Leadership Statement Leadership is one of the most needed qualities and skills in today's world. Because of globalization, more and more diverse interests and cultures are coming into greater contact with one another. Effective leadership can help society to realize the promises of such interactions while ineffective leadership is more likely to stoke such differences and amass power from the differences within society.

This holds true for society as a whole as well as for different institutions within society such as religion, education, business and economy. My personal leadership approach has been shaped by a variety of factors. My parental upbringing, socialization, inborn traits, formal education, interpersonal relationships, religion and exposure to the media have all contributed to shaping my perceptions of human beings, the relationships they share with one another, their interests and the potential…… [Read More].

Personal Statement My Intended Major. Academic skills are valuable for learning business operations, but real-world experience adds missing ingredients needed to fully understand success such as knowing how valuable personal happiness, social responsibility and customer satisfaction really are.

I am eager to contribute my wisdom and leadership to the business community after receiving formal business training at the University of California. I believe that the most important contribution I can bring to the University of California is my great respect for all individuals. Many people assume characteristics and create an image of a person they don't even know.

As humans we tend to judge people very quickly based on their sex, race, ethnicity or social class. And, we love to judge people according to their image because it means so much in our society…… [Read More]. Personal Statement It is often said, when discussing the importance of volunteering, that if an individual can only save one person, than he or she has lived a worthwhile life. Of course, as a high school student, I cannot brag that I have saved many lives, or found the cure for any number of infectious diseases.

Someday, I can say, I hope to do such things, but as yet I can only dream. If I have 'saved' even one individual through my current medical efforts, this 'salvation' has only come through my combined efforts with the doctors and nurses whose efforts I serve. But truthfully, I know that my volunteering has saved at least one person -- it has…… [Read More]. Personal Statement Pathology Has Been.

Pathologists are often called 'the doctor's doctor ' -- when other doctors are experiencing an impasse, they go to a pathologist for advice, to provide clarity.

As someone who has always enjoyed working as a teacher and preparing teaching materials, I look forward to this role in relation to my fellow physicians. I came to learn how pathology touches all fields of medicine. Even in my work with patients suffering substance abuse and psychiatric problems, I saw how the progression of the addiction created a pathology in terms of the way that the body responded to the patient's negative behaviors.

I hope that this residency program will expose me to the laboratory and clinical aspects of the field,…… [Read More]. Personal Thoughts Dear Sirs Attached. Positions such as Administrative Assistant and Front Office Manager for Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International consequently strengthened my job qualifications and established me as an effective communicator.

Due to my people-orientation skills I was able to effectively measure - with maturity - those circumstances surrounding my communications, including situational and cultural context. Through hard effort, patience, and serious consideration of the multi-national environment in which I was required to operate and engage, I consequently adopted an individual style of communicating.

My daily tasks included messages conveyed through channels; verbal face-to-face meetings, telephone, written letters, e-mails, memos, and reports were but a few of the communication opportunities encountered.

Clearly recognizing the actions or reactions influenced by my message, I worked to ensure that my communication was always unambiguous and clear. Keeping in mind that people…… [Read More]. Personal Statement the Art of Governance Has. Personal Statement The art of governance has been in existence since the Declaration of Independence but in my opinion, it has been the efforts and struggles of the legal bodies without political affiliation that have perfected the American Justice Department.

These bodies effectively framed our Bill of Rights and our Articles of Confederation for governance and most of all they secured the general public's trust by setting up the American Constitution.

Throughout history professionals from the field of law have demonstrated great dedication to public services causing various others and I, to admire their zealous efforts. Even today, despite leaving behind much of the idealism of my youth, I feel they are the ones who coalesce between society and the law. It is schools like John arshall Law with a century and more of academic history that have presented to society pioneers in the field of law who have the…… [Read More].

Personal and Professional Goals Higher. Despite the fact I was preparing students for a standardized exam, I take pride in the fact that I tried to grasp what unique pedagogical strategies were required to enable them to master the material. A seek further education in developmental psychology and general educational theory to build upon my natural strengths as an educator and communicator. My experiences have been diverse, spanning all grades as a substitute teacher in a variety of areas as well as my preparatory work with adult GED students.

This exposure to students in a wide range of developmental stages has helped me see how the learning process develops over time, as basic skills make a foundation for students to learn new concepts. But sometimes, if these core concepts are lacking, a teacher can learn to help the student remedy past academic deficits.

I have also worked as a tutor on a one-on-one basis with…… [Read More]. I am graduating school and entering the workforce. My previous work experience is somewhat limited, mainly to retail work, but I have a solid education from a great school.

I have a degree in marketing and this has prepared me for a career in marketing, advertising or possibly sales management. My present job is inadequate for my new education level. I like the people I work with, but the pay and the nature of the tasks are more suitable for someone with less experience and education.

I believe that with a better education, I am prepared to take on positions of responsibility and to begin a progressive career path. I have a lot of different strengths upon which I draw to succeed. I am organized and intelligent, and this allows me to accomplish the things that I need to accomplish, on time…… [Read More].

Personal Philosophy of Supervision What. Every school supervisor knows that improving teaching and learning is always the goal of every school, and finding the right applications for progress toward better outcomes should be a collaborative and constant strategy unique to each school environment. In conclusion, collaboration is not a concept unique to the educational setting; indeed, any organization should embrace the idea of collaboration rather than strict hierarchal strategies.

But when it comes to educational settings, an administrator working in collaboration with teachers to develop curricula, to solve problems, to create stronger formulas for learning, is a far better tactic than top-down leadership where demands and orders are the rule of the day.

Developing a Philosophy of Supervision: One Step Toward Self- Authorship. New Directions for Student Services, no. Collaborative Supervision in the Professional Development School. Journal of Curriculum and Supervision, 16 4 ,…… [Read More].

Personal Ethical Questionnaire Do My. As Spoor points out, it can be fruitful to examine alternative ethical and moral codes. Am I taking a consequentialist approach the ends justify the means? Banks delineates the ways law enforcement officers often use a consequentialist approach in their practice, which does allow for a broad interpretation of roles, duties, and goals.

It is important, however, to keep in mind that consequentialism is not the only measure of morality. Are my intentions and my actions different?

What does my decision say about my character? Aristotle was the first recorded European to discuss the notion of virtue ethics -- that the primary ethical inquiry is one related to the creation of strong moral fiber "A Framework for Thinking Ethically," Therefore, it is important to think about how my actions reflect on my character as I seek to be a leader in my field.

Will my…… [Read More]. Personal Portrait First This Is. Death anxiety was given a broad definition and seemed to point to how one dealt with the death of others also. I found that I did not deal with death very well. Mainly because I was not able to know my real father, and I felt betrayed by the man who was my actual father when I had to experience the abuse that my family went through.

It was an ordeal because my father died, but it was a bigger ordeal because of the revelations that came afterwards. I found that one can regress from a level of maturity when a major negative event occurs. I look back at my life through the prism of these two theories and there is not much that I regret, even though there were some significant bumps along the way. I agree with the precepts because I can see a lot of what both…… [Read More].

Personal Statement -- Advanced Generalist. Insomuch, I have worked closely with customers on a myriad of issues to ensure their needs were met.

Such concern for my constituents has transcended to an elevated level of service for individuals in the healthcare field. Additional Information for Consideration Although I may not be a traditional candidate, I have always worked hard to attain my goals. Pierce defines nursing quite well, "Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, the prevention of illness and injury, and the alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response and advocacy in the care of individuals families, communities, and populations.

Moreover, nursing addresses the organizational, social, economic, legal, and political factors within the healthcare system and society. These and other factors affect the cost, access, and quality of…… [Read More]. Personal Leadership Platform Henry Fayol, Mary Parker among other scholars in the field of management have described leadership as the act of getting thing done through others, this definition is consistent with the definition given by Carter et al.

From a functional perspective leadership can be defined as the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling organizational resources and activities so that goals can be accomplished effectively and efficiently.

This research paper is based on leadership development from a personal perspective i. It aims at enlisting my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and the corrective measures I plan to undertake in order to become the future leader that I would admire.

Personal Statement This Is a. The feeling that I was cut out for this role of a pharmacist came when I was fascinated in the chemistry classes about the medications, and the origin of bio-medicals. My fascination and the interaction with the patients where I work have made me known and liked in the current place of work.

That would take this argument to the work experience and qualifications. I am now a student for the masters in biomedical science at Midwestern University. Earlier qualifications include a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Iraq in I also have completed the pre-pharmacy courses.

Thus I have had a strong academic background. Further along with my academic background, I have had working experience as a pharmacy technician. I have found pleasure in working for the Walgreen's Pharmacy for three years as a pharmacy technician. Working with the employer namely Walgreen's allowed me to develop skills…… [Read More]. Personal Statement for Application to. As rewarding as that experience was, not all of my work at the adoption agency was as satisfying.

Most people understand that any adoption process -- especially when it occurs internationally -- is a long and complicated process that must deal with significant layers of bureaucracy. Success is, unfortunately, not necessarily guaranteed. But when adopting families are only a few weeks away from receiving their new children, we all begin to assume that adoptions will go through and we will have helped create many new families. Thus, it was especially devastating for all of us at the agency, not to mention the families involved, when two weeks before a new batch of Chinese children was meant to arrive, the Chinese government decided against letting the children leave the country.

In hindsight, the reasons are unimportant; no rational explanation could have assuaged the grief of the families who had expectantly and…… [Read More].

Personal Model of Helping Therapists do whatever they can to help their clients overcome a wide range of problems ranging fromdeath of a pet to major life changing crisis, such as sudden loss of vision.

However genuine a therapists' desire to help is, they will be limited by the tools he or she uses. It makes sense, then, as a therapist to design and integrate webs of models that have shown to yield efficacy. This new, personally designed model should work to assist and meet the requirement of every client. To embark upon this task of designing a personal model of helping, it is important to be aware of existing theories and models.

The first is the humanistic approach based on Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Maslow's triangle consists of basics needs at the base followed by needs of safety, love and belonging, achievements and lastly self-actualization at the top. Personal Improvement Objectives The world is indeed going through a transformation from a planet with many continents and many nations to a globally connected, much smaller planet where people and states are linked digitally.

And so diseases and health problems in India relate in a real way to diseases and health issues in Alabama, and California, and New York and Michigan, in the U. Because of the "smaller planet" reality, once I obtain my advanced degree and become pragmatically committed to a strong work ethic -- using the skills I have learned and fine-tuned -- I plan to offer leadership by supporting nursing practices and policies than can enhance the delivery of healthcare on global level 1. Next, through experience in my practice, and education, I will further develop knowledge, competencies, and the skills necessary to serve the population in which I am working.

Becoming politically active at the local…… [Read More]. Personal Leadership Development Plan as. In order to improve my interpersonal skills by developing the aforementioned traits, I will need to shift my focus to the external world. I will need to actively consider the view points of my co-workers rather than imposing my own ideas on them Thompson, There are a few different options to me for developing these skills in the next days.

I can focus on the functional aspects of these skills. This would be easy to learn because I could utilize my abilities in vision development and planning to keep these skills at the forefront of my mind. The skills could then be learned by treating them as any other technical skill.

Another option would place the learning emphasis on the underlying attitude of selflessness and focus on others. As the attitude develops, the functional skills will naturally flow from…… [Read More].

Personal Theory of Therapy the. These three seminal perspectives may possess a lot of similarities, yet each of them has contributed novel ideas that are consistent with its theoretical underpinnings. In many of the substance abuse treatment arenas, the significant aspects of all these three approaches are blended to provide for a cognitive-behavioral model that gives the best result in terms of all the other therapies.

Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Three theorists who have influenced the behaviorist theories are: The method of systematic desensitization to deal with fear was created by him.

Accessed on February 15, Bush, Winston John. December 22,…… [Read More]. Personal Statement it Has Been. During times of serious fractures or illnesses of the animals, a veterinarian used to visit the ranch. Unfortunately, all too many people fall into the trap of responding by blaming someone else for the problem.

They shift their own responsibility onto someone else, and judge the other person for having failed. When you blame another person, you give up control of the situation and your ego feels a little bit better. You spend your energy focusing on the wrong thing, like resenting another person, when you could use that energy to advance in your goals.

Making excuses is similar to blaming others, except it involves blaming circumstances instead of people. For example, I want to get subscribers to this blog by the end of the year. If I fail, I already know what my excuse will be: Obviously, this is an unhealthy way of thinking. Success or failure in that goal is on me and no one else, regardless of external circumstances.

And by taking responsibility and recognizing this, I am more likely to take the necessary actions to succeed. Complaining is simply a focus on what is wrong. This will make things seem worse than they are, and can easily distract you from all the good things going on in your life. Complaining can easily become a habit, at which point you will always see things in a negative light. And your focus is on the negative aspect of your situation, rather than what you can do to change it. The more you complain, the easier it becomes to not take personal responsibility.

A useful technique to combat regular complaining is to reframe your thoughts. The victim mentality is the opposite of personal responsibility. In fact, playing victim involves surrendering control over your life to external circumstance. This is when people give up on controlling their own lives because they see themselves as having no influence.

Once you are experiencing learned helplessness, it becomes very challenging to take personal responsibility. You need to make a conscious decision to become the sole person responsible for your life, and you need to make that decision now. Surrendering responsibility is a habit that you need to remove, and here is how.

At any given time and in any given situation, you have a choice of how to respond. You could be locked away in an extraordinary rendition prison, but you still control your mental state. You can choose to focus on something positive, no matter how negative or un-free a situation you are in. From now on, look at the choices you have available to you instead of feeling constrained.

When something goes wrong, openly acknowledge it as your fault, even if you feel there were external circumstances that contributed. When you shift responsibility, you give up control of the situation. This shifts the focus onto your control of the situation instead of feeling like a victim. Accept responsibility for who you are right now. Sure, many of those thoughts and actions were conditioned in you by your family, society, friends, or any other external influence.

But it is you alone who had the thought or performed the action. And it is you alone who must take responsibility for them. Only through accepting personal responsibility can you move forward.

For more information on this, check out these posts:. Take Off Your Social Mask. If you need external validation to be happy, you surrender personal responsibility for making yourself happy. Sure, external validation is pleasant, and there is nothing wrong with that. But you cannot be dependent on it for your happiness.

Learn to validate yourself through acting authentically to your own values. This way you are in total control of your own happiness , because it is solely based on the way you act.

You should be constantly challenging your own beliefs and filters through which you view the world. Your limiting beliefs make it significantly more challenging to take personal responsibility.

You lose motivation to do anything about it. Other people do it. You must learn to both forgive yourself and to forgive other people for any mistakes. Just take responsibility and move on. If you cling to a desire to blame them, then you are shifting the focus away from your own personal responsibility for your life. Accepting personal responsibility involves letting go of the need to feel responsible for others. Everybody is responsible for themselves, whether they realize it or not.

If you feel burdened by other people, you need to let go of them. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility. Taking responsibility for your life can be a very challenging and lifelong process, but it is necessary if you want to truly be happy.

You cannot possibly live authentically to your own values without taking responsibility for your own life. As you said, you should not really on external validation.

But great, substantive article. Also really liked the Teddy quote in the beginning and the Office Space reference half way through.

Good friends making destructive decisions or coming on hard times? Individuals with the means to help the poor within their midst? I thought that point might be a little controversial. But that holds true with everyone. If someone says that some problem of theirs is your fault, you should realize that they are wrong. If you make the decision to bring a baby onto the planet, you sure as hell better take care of it.

Never knew about that Romach arch tradition. I think the Stoics had a great mindset. Separate the things in our lives to two categories, things we have control over and things we have absolutely no control over.

By focusing only on the former, you can focus all your efforts to creating tangible results. Vincent Nguyen recently posted.. Vincent, that is a very wise rule of thumb.

Good post Mickey, you covered all the bases. It seems that we all look for the solution of our problems outside of ourselves. Could it be that we do not want to face the truth? People are afraid to admit that they can be wrong. Is that really true about the Romans? I really liked one of your first points about how personal responsibility leads to respect. The Romans were pretty badass. Respect means that people will treat you better, which is beneficial in and of itself.

Excellent article Mikey D. Keep up the good work. You are completely right. Even in the most dire of circumstances, you can control your reaction. I found this article because I searched for taking responsibility for yourself and only for yourself.

I love the comments on personal responsibility. I am particularly interested in how to stop the responsibility train at myself. I am working to turn that kind of thinking around. Thank you for this helpful post. Thank you for the comment! Of course, this implies that you are not responsible for others, even though you can do things to help them, etc. But ultimately, everyone needs to make their own decisions. This is why politicians and teachers among others can literally go crazy.

But when the potential audience is a gigantic number of nameless, faceless people on the internet, I think the law of averages comes into play. I think there would be a serious difference between the following two thought processes:. I would argue that I can exert significant control over whether or not I get subscribers, whereas I have very little control and would consider it external if I were to focus on a specific person or subset of people and seek their validation.

I read evrything what you said. I hope it helps! You can google it and see many references to this. That being said, it could just be a myth. I absolutely love circular reasoning. If you want to be happy, just be happy! Damn, why did I not think of that years ago? Seriously — If things were that easy, the world would be a different place. In what way do you feel that this post utilized circular reasoning?

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Personal Responsibility Essay Donald Upward GEN/ January 15, Dan Barbara, MAEd Personal Responsibility Essay Personal responsibility is the necessity and willingness to complete tasks in a timely manner, and it is essential to achieving success in college.

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Personal Responsibility Essay. Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility is understand and accepting the significance of values that people place on behavior while attempting to .

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Free personal responsibility papers, essays, and research papers. Free Essay: Taking personal responsibility and paying attention to detail are two very important character traits to have. It is important for civilians to.

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Definition of personal responsibility and what it means to you. Definition of Personal responsibility is doing what is meant to be done and fulfill the commitments that are already made. Personal Responsibility to me means a person is taking charge of one’s own actions, education and professional goals. Explain the relationship between personal responsibility and [ ]. Personal Responsibility Essay Personal responsibility, the idea that one is responsible for the outcomes of their actions and decisions is probably, without a doubt, one of the greatest if not the greatest builders of an individual’s character, morals, and ethics.