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❶If patients cannot engage in effective self-care at home, the treatment dispensed by the clinic will be of little value.

Deaf Communities

Deaf Culture - Distinctive and Isolated

Sign language has become a politically charged issue in the deaf community: For the same reason that cochlear implants are viewed as controversial, speaking is occasionally viewed as selling out. With moral support from Whoopie Goldberg, atlin maintained her identity as a proud member of the deaf community while still being willing to express herself in whatever way she pleased. She still works as an actor and views herself not as a deaf person who happens to be an actor but the reverse: Her level of comfort with the mainstream hearing society is far from threatening to the cohesiveness of the deaf community.

Deaf the Television Movie Sweet Nothing. Deaf The television movie Sweet Nothing in My Ear presents the controversy over cochlear implants in a sensitive, albeit heart-wrenching, way. Whether or not Adam receives the implant, he will be a loved child and will grow into a healthy, robust adult with the potential to fulfill his dreams.

The question is whether Adam will grow into a Deaf adult or a hearing adult. His mother is Deaf, and so is his grandfather. Adam is therefore already part of the Deaf community, and if he were to not receive the implant, he would seamlessly integrate into that community. With his mother's and grandfather's support and familiarity with Deaf culture, Adam would have no trouble finding ways to thrive without hearing. On the other hand, Adam's father is a hearing person.

Because Adam gradually loses his hearing, he has already had one foot in the hearing world. Adam is therefore…… [Read More]. Cultural Aspects of Being Deaf. Deaf Culture In any given country, there is a dominant and prevailing culture that tends to be more pervasive than others.

However, there are also cultures that are counter or parallel to the dominant culture. One of those common subcultures is that of deaf people. Even with the fact that deaf and hearing-impaired people live in the same dominant cultures as everyone else, they have to exist and act in a different way because they cannot hear well, if at all. As such, it is important to assess and review deaf culture and how it is different than other cultures, how it is the same as other cultures and what cultural cues and trends are near and dear to people with no or little hearing.

Even though deaf culture has surely existed on some level for all of human existence, it did not come into its own as a definitive…… [Read More]. Asl the Deaf Community. The Deaf Community Although there has been a call for equality for all students with disabilities in the arena of education, the fact is that there are still inequalities that exist for individuals with deafness.

Technology for the Deaf There. CAT transcribes spoken words into printed text onto a screen or computer, and is much more interactive and used for not only entertainment, but court or other official meeting presentations Nomeland, pp.

Alert Systems -- Are relatively low-tech; flashing lights when the doorbell rings, vibrating pillows if there is a smoke or burglar alarm, etc. Most of these technologies have been supplanted by more sophisticated applications on smart phones Nomeland, p. Internal devices are medically oriented implants that either amplifies sound in those who have a hearing disability or replace some of the inner ear mechanisms to allow the deaf person to actually "hear" sounds.

These are becoming more and more sophisticated, some even with computer "smart"…… [Read More]. Technology for the Deaf His. Three years later, the company improved its picture clarity and introduced the "emotional intonation" feature, considered important components of visual language. And VRS can be performed only with high-speed internet access. Those who have no high-speed internet access or a videophone may use IPP relay.

It is similar to the outdated TTY but performs faster and more smoothly. The deaf user types his message on a computer. For the working deaf who need to use the telephone, Able Planet launched the wireless device.

This is a telephone and a hands-free set for a cell phone to address these difficulties in the use of a telephone. The technology enables wireless communication with a telecoil in hearing aids. At the same time,…… [Read More]. Deaf Population's Stand on Cochlear. Sign language is one of the most important elements of deaf communication, and losing this element frightens and outrages some members of the deaf community.

In addition, many deaf people feel that the rehabilitation necessary after implant surgery is often neglected or not budgeted for, and so, it is not managed effectively, and the implants are not used to their full potential.

In addition, the implants do not miraculously cure deafness, what implanted patients experience is a reduced and altered sense of sounds and speech at best. Some patients have described the voice as "robotic," and the device will never allow people to hear the same way that a non-deaf person hears.

This is another reason the deaf community is against the implants. They believe they make a deaf person even more "handicapped," to put it one way, because they do not fit in either world. They cannot hear the…… [Read More]. Journey into the Deaf-World his book looks at the Deaf-World culture in depth.

In the process, the authors consider many practical, legal, educational, medical and social issues facing those in the Deaf-World. While the book covers many technical issues in detail, the underpinning for all of it is that the Deaf-World is its own unique culture with its own unique language, and is every bit as much of a subculture as it is to be African-American or some branch of Hispanic.

Funding Deaf People Are Rightfully. Another means for supporting and financing the education of deaf people is through the promotion of a financial package meant to improve the resources available to special schools and teachers. In this sense, schools in Great Britain for instance receive special funds for training their teachers to reach British Sign Language level 3 Scottish Council on Deafness, n.

At the same time, the recruitment of already trained personal is fully funded in order to have the best teachers available for these special schools. In theory, these projects are worth mentioning and offer a positive perspective on the issues concerning deaf people.

However, not all children or grownups can benefit from such funding possibilities. In the education area, there are only specialized agencies which commit their funds to providing financial support to special…… [Read More]. Some people discourage speaking in "baby talk," because they think that children can't possibly learn good English if they are not spoken to in good English.

However, there is a lot of qualitative and quantitative research to suggest that motherese provides an effective bridge between mother and baby for linguistic transfer TeechConsult's KIDSpad, Motherese enhances attention using reduplication, the use of special morphemes and phonological modification, and grammatical simplification, helping babies find boundaries between linguistic units. That, though, is not the most interesting thing about motherese.

What are most interesting are the similarities and differences of motherese across cultures and linguistic groups. Cochlear Implants to Many Hearing. Another reason why cochlear implants will not destroy deaf culture is that deaf culture is far from being homogenous. Berke adds that acceptance of implants is "the key to the deaf community's growth.

American Sign Language and Gallaudet University. American Sign Language and Gallaudet Gallaudet University is a college designed for the education of the deaf and hard of hearing. All of the programs are designed for the advancement of the deaf community. The majority of students and faculty are themselves deaf or hard of hearing, although a limited number of students without these disabilities are allowed into the school each year.

The university began in when the 34th Congress approved the institution of what was then called the Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind. The year before, a wealthy philanthropist and former United States Postmaster General Amos Kendall became aware that there was a large group of young people in the ashington D.

He had the court declare the children his legal wards and donated two acres of his…… [Read More]. Heather Whitestone The First Miss. Unfortunately, I could not hear any sound from my right ear even with the help of hearing aid. For this reason, I used my right ear for the cochlear implant.

My right ear had been sleeping for 28 years until the cochlear implant woke it up on September 19th, " "FAQ," Heather hitestone ebpage, Heather writes on her webpage that she strongly supports implants for children and decided to have one as an adult so she could hear the voices of her two young sons. She and continues to come fire because of her public and vocal support of acoupedics and orally-based deaf education.

Today, hitestone lives in Alabama, raising her children. Head Injuries and Resultant Deafness. The animal will serve as a vital link between John Q. And the world around him, helping to be independent and to have quality time to himself and allow him to travel on his own. There is a need, too, to emphasize that services are available to the family as individuals, and in a group setting, to confront and work through the issues that upcoming months, perhaps even years of hardship as a result of John Q's physical injuries will mean to them as a family and as individuals.

The focus must be a positive one, for research has shown that positive and hopeful attitudes impact an individual's ability to recover faster and more fully Schmidt, Vickery, Cotugna, and Snider, Ethics and Morality the Experience.

The inclusion of deaf persons other than the parents may defuse some of the hostility that they have displayed towards Ms. During the meeting, the parents should be given the first opportunity to state their case, with all the reasons for wishing to have a deaf child.

I would suggest that Ms. Whatever the conclusion of the discussion, if one is indeed reached, the parents should be allowed time to make a final decision. Furthermore, they need to understand that the final choice is with them. They should…… [Read More]. Cochlear Implants Can Help Children. Unlike previous studies, the current research measured results-based partly on conversational samples recorded during parent-child interactions.

The real-life, natural language environment offers a unique perspective on the effectiveness of cochlear implants. The focus on natural spoken language scenarios may also be of particular importance to parents with little exposure to deaf culture. Participants in the current study included 76 children who received cochlear implants between their first and third birthdays. Intervening conditions were ruled out, including nonverbal intelligence scores, and all participants were enrolled in oral education programs.

All the hearing impaired children were deaf from birth. A control group included children with unimpaired hearing, measured by conventional tests. Sample populations were culled from all over North America. Methods included observing a thirty-minute parent-child play session to assess real-life language scenarios. The play session was recorded twice: Self-Expression of Identity Literature Review.

Each outside label has an affect on that individuals own conception of them, effectively rising or lowering self-image. Once inside a more specific group, these individuals have the capacity to flourish, and gain more and more self-esteem, Handler, This occurs mainly due to the xenophobia each group portrays towards other groups, which then creates a hostile environment for the establishment of strong individual identities.

One way to examine the formations of deaf and queer identities using the Social Identity…… [Read More]. GUNG H Negotiation Conflict Resolution Mergers Acquisitions You required obtain Gung Ho film, locate case articles mergers acquisitions literature, prepare a paper analyze typical leadership dilemmas conflicts occur organizations merge. Communication complications in the wake of corporate mergers It is an often-cited truism that if you want to seem to have great fortune-telling abilities, it is wise to predict that a corporate merger is bound to fail.

The reasons for the failure of mergers to create promised added value for shareholders or employees are numerous, but one of the most common sources of conflict is a conflict of organizational cultures. As illustrated in the film Gung Ho! According to the authors of the study "Assimilation of quality culture and its effect: Cultures also define significant roles and set up expectations of the behaviors that accompany them.

When these role definitions become rigid, they tend to be counterproductive because both individuals and social groups are constantly in the process of change and adaptation to the differences that are part of life Schein, For the young child, knowing what is expected can contribute markedly to feelings of security, However, if expectations are too rigid, it can also be inhibiting to growth and lock in the developing individual so that full use of potential for adaptation to change is impossible.

Attitudes and behavior develop in response to unconscious needs and drives for protection from pain, preservation of personal integrity, allowance for essential growth, and assistance in dealing with reality Keith-Lucas, Coping mechanisms -- denial, projection, regression, fantasy, and so on -- relate to their source of stimulus and may seem inappropriate to…… [Read More].

Writing notes as a way to communicate with people who are deaf is convenient, for people with normal hearing, and recommended, by people with normal hearing. In the world of hearing people, recommendations for using note writing as a way to communicate with people who are deaf is common.

Employers are advised to supplement their communication with employees who are deaf by writing notes. For example, Equal Access Communication, an advocacy organization suggests that supervisors may wish to keep a white board or a chalk board by the work area of an employee who is deaf.

The supervisor is reminded to keep the writing simple and concise, first establishing the subject to be discussed and then providing an explanation. Further, the supervisor is reminded that the person who is deaf may experience difficulties understanding idioms or double…… [Read More].

Armstrong E Kukla R Kuppermann. Certain ethnicities were seen to have relatively high levels of participation, while women from North Africa and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds were much more likely to refrain from taking part in such prenatal diagnostics than were Dutch women.

This study could go a long way towards bridging cultural divides when it comes to healthcare, though the authors do not delve deep enough into making recommendations in this regard. The effects and types of counseling delivered to teenage girls identified as a "high risk" by clinicians was observed in this study, with the conclusion that few clinicians view abstinence-only recommendations as effective at reducing risk for pregnancy and other concerns.

Presenting information regarding contraceptives,…… [Read More]. Works of Art Speak to Different People. Explore and explain which performances and which ideas from the course that you have seen and heard this semester have "spoken" with most impact…how and why?

He says, "Whoever controls the language, the images, controls the race. This means a lot to me because I am international student from Korea. I am trying to understand a new culture through its theater. Theater to me is like breath of fresh air when visiting other country like the United States because it gives culture and meaning to the world within it. The theater is a place where "language, images" are shown. Everything on the stage has a meaning. It is there for reason. It serves a purpose.

The lighting is put upon others…… [Read More]. Glimpse into Neanderthal Culture hen one thinks of the Humanoid genus Homo Sapiens neanderthalensis HSN they picture a very primitive creature, simplistic in nature with few social complexities.

However, upon close examination of several Neanderthan archeological sites, one will find the Neanderthal man had all of the necessary elements for the beginning of the formation of modern society. It was once thought that these elements were only present after Neanderthan culture after contact with Home Sapiens HSS.

However, evidence now exists that suggests that Neanderthals were already well on their way to developing a formal, but rudimentary, culture well before contact with HSS. This research will examine these findings using evidence gathered from the Petralona, Larga Velhol, St.

Cesaire, Shanidar, and Arago sites. This research will support the thesis that Neanderthals had the beginnings of an advanced society prior to contact with Home Sapiens and that the disappearance of the…… [Read More]. Change Proposal The Situation Spending any time at all at one of the nation's first, oldest and largest state theaters, a founding member of the League of esident Theaters, brings to mind only one phrase above all others: No real management is performed.

Instead, edicts are issued by the CEO and founder and carried out without regard to the bottom line or any standards of acceptable organizational behavior. In short, there is the rule of fear, and nothing more. When the theatre runs into problems, the solution is not to find remedies for those problems, but to replace personnel -- itself a highly expensive proposition -- and seek more government and corporate grants to cover the costs of operating the theater.

The board of directors has been asked by more than…… [Read More]. Sensory Loss in the Aged. If an underlying condition is the cause of the loss, then the logical procedure would be to treat the underlying cause.

In some cases the sense of smell may return and for others the loss will be permanent. Research supports the existence of changes in smell due to age.

The causes of this loss are varied. There has not been considerable research into searching for a treatment as with other sensory declines. Loss of out sense of smell is not considered to be of greater consequence in our society. For the person, they may not enjoy all of the things that they used to, but it does not carry any significant impairment with it.

There has been no formal effort dedicated towards research to restore the…… [Read More]. Myths Myth of Marriage and Children Joseph. Beyond being informative, Campbell's analysis of cultural myths is profound; it provokes genuine introspection.

The author refers to the spiritual in whatever he speaks about, and yet he never lapses into religious diatribe or dogma. Subjects like marriage are elevated beyond the social to the psycho-spiritual.

For example, he calls marriage "primarily a spiritual exercise, and the society is supposed to help us have the realization. Man should not be in service to society, society should be in the service of man," 8.

In light of modern society, Campbell's words hold new meaning. In America, we have few true rituals because we have turned our attention outward instead of inward.

The wisdom of life is being denigrated through a preoccupation with technology and material goods. There is little…… [Read More]. Ethics the Author of This Report Is. Ethics The author of this report is asked to discuss ethics as it pertains to a topic of the author's choice. The author of this report will now answer five questions surrounding that topic. Ethics of Using Foreign Countries in Asia to Make United States Goods The first question asks the author to discuss culture, values, ethics and other such elements that lead to differences in social culture Hill, The United States obviously mimicked a lot of Asian countries in terms of working conditions and lack of labor laws and protections until about Since then, the social safety net and the associated labor and retirement frameworks have been created to help and protect workers…… [Read More].

Human or Animal Behavior You. Also, the different moral patterns of between the genders, as analyzed by Gillian, remains controversial, as the inherently 'separate' moral system of men and women to say nothing of psychologist's ability to define what constitutes adult morality at all is part of the raging debate on how to create truly fair, gender-neutral tests and classroom environments.

In terms of usefulness on a personal level, the different ways of dealing with life traumas, like near death experiences, moral dilemmas, and grief are the most salient parts of the chapter, and provide real, concrete advice for the reader. Erikson's Stages of Development. According to Erik Erikson, every child passes through eight stages of 'man' or development. Erikson attempted to introduce a theory of development that incorporated other human needs and elements of culture into a human being's socialization process, unlike Freud who focused only on the family romance, of family…… [Read More].

Global Changes in the Missiology. God's mission was understood to have depended upon human efforts, and this is why we came to hold unrealistic universalistic assumptions.

Christians became so optimistic that they believed to be able to correct all the ills of the world. One can count the following significant transitions: How did the reading make me feel? Did any of the readings make me feel uncomfortable? Was there any part of the book that rang true with me?

Were any of the articles disturbing, shocking, surprising, or impressive? Finally, an original poem will be included in response to the experience of reading Race, Class, and…… [Read More]. Ecological Conscience Mother of Life: Developing an Ecological Conscience The greatest assignment and commitment for the world in the 21st century is to ensure that we re-discover the lost connection we have with nature.

We have to see ourselves as biological beings and as part of the intricate web of life. Things Fall Apart in the. Okonkwo seems full of passionate intensity to preserve things as they are, and to preserve his sense of masculine, patriarchal authority.

But although this sense of passion seems to have its origin sense of nostalgia for traditional forms of control, it is also too tied up the man's ego to be called a conviction. A true conviction about justice is not self-interested. It is also worth remembering that Okonkwo's father did not embody such authority within his own family structure, thus Okonkwo partly wishes to defy his own family's tradition.

And Okonkwo's sense of wishing to preserve the positive aspects of his personal authority does not mean that he is not willing to kill his adopted son, for fear of looking weak, even though this hurts the tribe's future. Thus Okonkwo lacks convictions that transcend the self, and denies such positive self-sacrificing values as feminine. Narrative Inquiry the Work of.

Keeping the continuous, cycle and rhythmic sense of time before us is another task we have come to associate with the study of narrative. Reflection and Deliberation Clandinin and Connelly state that 'reflection and deliberation' are both terms which "refer to the methods of practical inquiry and are springboards for thinking of narrative and story as method.

Self-Advocacy Steps to Successful Transition. Still, Mason indicates that the opposite is often true in public education settings, where educators, parents and institutions collectively overlook the implications of research and demands imposed by law. Indeed, "despite the IDEA requirements, research results, teacher perceptions, and strong encouragement from disabilities rights advocate, many youth have been left out of IEP and self-determination activities. Clearly, as the matter is framed by Mason et al.

By contrast, institutional change has been hard won, with schools and administrators balking at making broad-based alterations…… [Read More]. Strategic Issues in Business New. There are consumer movements and environmental lobbyists serving as watchdogs on businesses. These organizations may take businesses whose activities are affecting people or environment to court and ask that businesses to pay for damages. Government has also passed tougher health and safety laws that businesses should adopt while conducting business activities.

Findings The findings of this paper reveal that New Zealand is a country that welcomes foreign investment based on the country economic development. While the economic development of the country may not be comparable to the economic development of European countries, Canada or USA, the country has established legal structures that protect foreign investment. Moreover, people in the country enjoy high standard of living compare to some European countries making New Zealander to have high purchasing power parity.

While the country might have been affected by the economic recession in and , the country has recovered in ,…… [Read More]. Slavery and Race Relations Slavery. But tat doesn't really cange te istory or te reality of any event. Emancipation sould ave been our first concern but fortunately it was not even one of te main concerns let alone te first one. Lincoln along wit oter political eavyweigts were more interested in appeasing te Sout and various efforts were made to please te Soutern elite since secession was an imminent possibility.

So for various political and economic interests, te ugly practice of slavery was allowed to continue in te country tat claimed to be te campion of democracy. Te blacks and Americans will forever remember Abraam Lincoln as te man wo emancipated te slaves and abolised tis abominable practice once and for all, but te trut is tat Lincoln did tis only for political reasons. Self and the Other. Trojan Wars and Culture The three epic stories namely, The Iliad, the Trojan Women, Pericle's Funeral Oration are powerfully written master pieces of work, that illustrate the element of horridness of war beautifully.

However, it tells us about the details of war with full description and information. Though war is an important aspect of the tale, but the real story is based on the remarkable fighter and hero-that man is none other than Achilles.

Achilles possesses the greatest military expertise of any of the Achaean ranks and also the greatest fighting ability out of all of the warriors, Trojan or Achaean. At the beginning of the epic, Achilles becomes liberated from his fellow warriors and retreats back to…… [Read More].

Strategies to Communicate and Educate Stakeholders in Change. Promoting Change Strategies to communicate and educate stakeholders I am currently employed as family nurse practitioner and am doing my DNP at a clinic under the supervision of a medical doctor. Communicating with patients is an essential component of treatment and care. If patients cannot engage in effective self-care at home, the treatment dispensed by the clinic will be of little value. The nurse must communicate clearly and seriously the full weight of the patient's condition and need for treatment.

For example, if a patient is pre-diabetic, the nurse must make the patient understand what this means: The fact that diabetes is not a disease that can easily be managed with drug treatments, although many new drugs and forms of glucose monitoring are available, should also be conveyed to the patient: Left Behind Even After Earning.

Chorzempa believes that two courses in literacy, the minimum for many teacher education programs, is insufficient preparation to teach the six modes of language arts. She encourages teachers to build a strong literacy base by enrolling in supplementary courses and joining professional organizations such as the International eading Association and the National Writing Project.

She also stresses the importance of building a positive classroom environment, which she calls "essential for developing a community of learners in which students show respect and support for one another" Chorzempa, p.

Once again, she suggests additional coursework. She also cites professional journals, websites, and online teacher chat forums as resources for teachers seeking to enhance their classroom management skills. University-school partnerships are a means to work collaboratively and link pedagogy and practice. Chorzempa believes there are benefits to all participants in these learning experiences, including students, in-service and pre-service teachers, and teacher educators.

Ape Speech Research Has Been. Another theorist with a different view is Chomsky Chomsky sees the acquisition of language as a process of input-output, what he calls a Cartesian view of language acquisition and language structure.

We know, or we can discover, what kind of data is available to it, and the first question we must try to answer is: Once we find an answer to this question, we can ask what sorts of processes have intervened leading form the data available to the knowledge that resulted. The input-output situation is this: Structured Encounters With the Discursive. After the horseplay, he and his companion Mooney are left bereft of joy and "the sun went in behind some clouds and left us to our jaded thoughts and the crumbs of our provisions.

The protagonist feels dimly awakened by this encounter with an individual, and more importantly experiences a refreshing attitude he has never encountered before, and is not likely to encounter again in his daily, routine existence.

He is offered another path between that of Catholicism and the wild boisterous and occasionally cruel play of Mooney, and the order that he returns to is infused with a new, more positive consciousness and sense of his place in the world.

Progress of Women After The "Highlander Center," a group advocating rights for African-Americans, "were labeled as subversive and subjected to investigation, and their members were harassed," which sounds a bit more like fascism than democracy. But were the hearings fair? No, they were highly unfair; from the very beginning, the lack of fairness was obvious to any objective observer; they were called "Hearings egarding the Communist Infiltration of the Motion Picture Industry" held October , The proof was in prior to any fair hearing of the issues or the accused, which is a denial of democratic justice to begin with.

And meantime, the witnesses were classified as "friendly" or "unfriendly. Observing and Reporting Surroundings at a VA Medical Center To satisfy the requirements of this assignment, the author recently volunteered at a local Department of Veterans Affairs medical center VAMC and the results of this experience are related below.

Length of time you were there Four hours including lunch. Brief description of the setting The VAMC visited for this assignment is a major tertiary healthcare facility that provides medical, surgical, dental and mental health services to eligible veterans in its catchment area. The volunteer services department is located on the VAMC's first floor, immediately inside the main entrance.

A young female receptionist behind a glass window greets volunteers with and without appointments, but a sign below the window recommends making an appointment to ensure volunteers' services are needed on a specific date. American Sign Language Interpreters the. This program will be offered in the Leadership Development Seminar in which students are offering challenging experiences as well as the areas of higher-level academic pursuits which includes a historical journey through the history of deafness related individuals.

Merrill Lynch has also developed a program targeting deaf students, which was released in a news announcement earlier this month of March The Merrill Lynch Entrepreneur Leadership Program is offering a program to prepare those interested in entrepreneurial leadership designed for individuals who are deaf and interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Modern technological online modules for learning will be utilized and will simultaneously deliver the information in both ASL and English.

It is clear that ASL Interpreters in classrooms is much needed for the student who is deaf if they are to experience a normal and successful education in the classroom setting. And as shown the student who is deaf and…… [Read More]. Pedagogic Model to the Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students Almost thirty years ago, the American federal government passed an act mandating the availability of a free and appropriate public education for all handicapped children.

In , this act was updated and reformed as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which itself was reformed in At each step, the goal was to make education more equitable and more accessible to those with special educational needs. During the last presidential term, the "No Child Left Behind" Act attempted to assure that individuals with disabilities were increasingly mainstreamed and assured of high educational results.

All of these legislative mandates were aimed at insuring that children with disabilities were not defrauded of the public education which has become the birthright of all American children. The latest reforms to IDEA, for example, provided sweeping reforms which not only expanded the classification of…… [Read More].

Connecting Theory and Meaning of Disability Studies in Schools The connecting theory application in the system of basic education has contributed to the development and establishment of a trans-disciplinary scientific strategized framework. This framework bases on the specified reverence for a considerable orientation in long-term and the engagement of decision makers in the education system on its application. The connecting theory involves work that cuts across education disciplines.

This is with the aim of exposing the aspects perceived to be of outdated assumptions in the education system. This happens with their respective enrichment in the technological and social practice. The theory constitutes well-strategized research with knowledge meant for informing a scientific framework designated.

The concrete developed strategic objectives aim at addressing the advancements with accuracy in understanding the aspect of science. Braille, sign language, and pictograms all offer nonverbal means of effectively communicating ideas.

Each of these nonverbal communications constitutes a type of language, and each has unique applications. It is important to realize that verbal and written languages are only a few of many different methods of communication.

A nurse needs to understand the special functions of braille, sign language, and pictograms and be able to identify the different applications and potential uses of each one. Developed by Louis Braille in the early nineteenth century, Braille is a textured writing system that allows the visually impaired to write and read texts.

As with some written languages like Chinese, Braille symbols comprise both of an alphabet and words. Their chances of studying at high level, for example at university level, are quite low.

In other words, educational facilities, especially at the highest level are limited for the people in deaf communities. Deaf culture has high limitations as deaf people are mostly ignorant of their cultural heritage and different other social events. Studies have shown that most of the deaf children are born in families having deaf parents.

Since both cultures- hearing and deaf- are separate and significantly different with each other, the integration of both communities is considered an impossible factor. Deaf culture comprises people with own habits, patterns, customs, language and values.

Deaf people consider them a minority group and not as individuals having disabilities. As a different minority and a separate culture they regard each other as a family feeling closer to each other and one community throughout the world.

Due to common language, communication, and a separate culture, deaf people prefer spending time with other, marrying their own kind, and choosing their own kinds as mate or friend. It is pertinent to highlight that movement of accepting deaf as a separate cultural group and not disabled persons has become a part of human rights movement.

To support their movement of acknowledging them as a cultural group, deaf language has supported their cause uniting them. Sign language has been accepted by different educational and governmental institutions equivalent to other foreign languages. This language, in most of the cases, is taught by deaf teachers to other deaf students.

The way of teaching includes telling stories, singing songs, and narrating dramas. This increases chances of interaction between deaf people and proves as an effective way of interpreting and elucidating point-of-view. Through deaf language, deaf people can communicate with each other, expressing their thoughts, sharing their views, and describing their opinions or beliefs. The language has taken a modern perspective and commonly known as sign language, however, deaf language was born long before it was documented and recognized as a proper language and officially acknowledged by different educational and governmental institutions.

Sign language has strongly supported deaf communities, uniting them, understanding each other, and communicating in best possible way. Linguistically, sign language is similar to any other language facilitating deaf people to convey their thoughts or feelings through movement of hands, combining different hand shapes, and using facial expressions.

The reason for developing this language is to support deaf people as they have different cultures separate from hearing people culture. For centuries, a general conception prevailed that it is not easy or possible to teach deaf people. Deaf children generally did not attend schools.

However, evidence suggests that there were schools for deaf children in the 17th and 18th centuries but they did not meet all the requirements, and a dire need initiated to develop a modern language through which deaf people can easily communicate especially with other deaf persons forming a community in which everybody understand others. American Sign Language is considered as a fully functional language meeting all criteria of a true language.

It includes basic rules of linguistics, grammar, and different other necessary requirements of a quality language. Hands are mainly used in sign language to express views with plain colored clothes regarded as the best background to convey meaning.

However, in sign language hand movement is not the sole way of expressing rather entire movements of body as well as face are involved. This is a highly visible language as many signs and movements in this language are quick, with some humor and imagination.

It is pertinent to mention that deaf people in different countries have different sign languages with standards and rules established as per their own areas. However, American Sign Language is considered as one of the most acceptable, comprehensive, with complete grammatical terms and the easiest of all sign languages in the world. Sign languages are exclusively developed in deaf cultures.

People speaking sign language includes friends, family members, teachers, interpreters, and other people mostly deaf, sharing same characteristics. Despite the fact that a common sign language exists in the deaf community, at times specific sign systems are developed in families having deaf child and hearing parents. In this case, signs different to the universal sign language are developed within family being informal sign system.

These sign languages, developed at homes, are known as home sign language. However, whether sign language is developed at home with special symbols or a universally acceptable sign language is learnt, this language is comparatively complex and difficult compared to other languages. Yet for deaf people, with no other way of communication available, sign language is an effective way of communicating especially with other deaf people. It is, in fact, the most creative way to convey feelings, confront limitations, and living comfortably with much each in a community.

This is due to the fact that people in deaf culture communicates through sign language, uses visual patterns to express their thoughts, mostly with movements of hands supported by facial expressions making it a highly expressive way of communication.

Efforts have been made in the paper to describe deaf culture and deaf language. Deaf people are different from hearing people forming separate social groups, speak own language, and are a distinctive group or culture.

The paper has also discussed deaf language as a mean of communication by deaf people. The modern way of communication is sign language with American Sign Language considered as a fully functional language meeting all criteria of a true language; however, there are also other sign languages in the world.

Toggle navigation EssayClip Online writing help. Order now Get free quote How does this work? Essay on Deaf Culture and Deaf Language Deaf people mostly are regarded as individuals who cannot hear due to their lacking auditory capability. Deaf Culture - Distinctive and Isolated Traditionally, deaf people were taught through different oral methods focusing on developing speaking skills of deaf people. Padden, Similar to any other cultural or linguistic group, deaf people share common values and communicate in their own sign language.

Deaf Communities The term deafness is used to describe people having inability to hear. Padden, Everyday and Routine Life of Deaf People Deaf culture comprises people with own habits, patterns, customs, language and values.

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The deaf culture is very important to the deaf community in this paper I will tell you some examples of this amazing culture. Many people of the hearing community might think of a deaf person as "handicapped" but if you called a deaf person this, they would be offended.

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Deaf Culture History Essay - The deaf community does not see their hearing impairment as a disability but as a culture which includes a history of discrimination, racial prejudice, and segregation.

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Essay on Deaf Culture and Deaf Language. Deaf people mostly are regarded as individuals who cannot hear due to their lacking auditory capability. They have specific deficiencies in hearing system and cannot communicate either by hearing or speaking. Deaf Culture Essay Words | 7 Pages. Deaf Culture In mainstream American society, we tend to approach deafness as a defect. Helen Keller is alleged to have said, "Blindness cuts people off from things; deafness cuts people off from people." ( This seems a very accurate description of what Keller's world must have been.

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The Deaf Community and Deaf Culture Essay Words 5 Pages From antiquity, being deaf was looked upon as an undesirable and a culture which was disconnected with the rest of mainstream society. The deaf culture is art, politics, attitudes, shared language and common activities of the deaf community. People are social animals and above all else spoken language is what .