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Learn from Customer Defections

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It shocks the CEOs themselves, most of whom have little insight into the causes of the customer exodus, let alone the cures, because they do not measure customer defections, make little effort to prevent them, and fail to use defections as a guide to improvements.

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14 Types of Customer Defection posted by John Spacey, March 21, updated on April 24, Customer defection is a common term for the loss of a customer to a competitor.

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Customer retention refers to the activities and actions companies and organizations take to reduce the number of customer defections. The goal of customer retention programs is to help companies retain as many customers as possible, often through customer loyalty and brand loyalty initiatives. Customer attrition, also known as customer churn, customer turnover, or customer defection, is the loss of clients or customers.

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US corporations lose half their customers every five years. But most managers fail to address that fact head-on by striving to learn why those defectors left. But a climbing defection rate is a sign that a business is in trouble. By analyzing the causes of defection, managers can learn how to stem the decline and build a successful enterprise. Customer defections can focus a company’s attention on exactly the things that customers value. The company should gather feedback from defecting customers and adjust its processes and products to reflect customers’ concerns. The idea should be to attain a level of zero customer defection.