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Bermuda Triangle

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❶So i thought i could write a great story about something i love. One of the search and rescue plane went to look for them and, when they were flying trying to find them, the communication was restored.

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The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devils Triangle. It is an area located on the north western Atlantic, in the country of International waters, The Bahamas. The Bermuda Triangle is an extremely dangerous area for one to enter.

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The Bermuda Triangle has caused people to either fear the area, or to reject its legitimacy as a true mystery. But lately, the triangle hasn't .

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The triangle is located in the islands of Bermuda, Miami, Florida and Puerto Rico and it is Also known as the devil’s triangle and covering an area of about miles. Bermuda Triangle Essay Words | 6 Pages. Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda triangle, or the devil’s triangle, is an imaginary area located off the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States. It is the greatest modern mystery .

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This was one of many incidents that happened in the Bermuda Triangle, perhaps the most important and the most known for the entire world. Over the years there has been reported the disappearance of almost one hundred ships . The Bermuda Triangle Essay - The Bermuda triangle is a place that boggles many scientists even in this day and age. The Bermuda Triangle, referred to by some as the Devil's Triangle, is in a western region of the North Atlantic Ocean where countless aircraft, ships and people have inexplicably disappeared.