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Essays on Mathematics

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❶Universities prepare students for highly professional careers. In all those weeks, I never really paid attention to that.

What is a mathematics essay or how to select a topic

Writing a math paper step by step

You should research essay topics on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and even physics. Algebra is a mathematical field where you need to solve problems in order to find unknown numbers. When you write an essay on algebra you can just write about the way to effectively solve quadratic problems and linear equations. Geometry is a mathematical area that has to do with earthly line and point measures. When you write a technology essay you need to write about these principals as they are related to object measurement.

Another area of mathematics is known as trigonometry. The principle of trigonometry has been borrowed by triangle measurements. Those who write on this topic are able to write essays that explain the reasons why triangles are the most frequently regarded shape in the numerical world.

Calculus is another topic that you can write a Math Essay on. This topic was invented by Isaac Newton and is a good topic to base a history essay on. An essay on this topic could be based on how Newton was able to use the principles of Calculus in modern physics. So, what is a mathematics essay? How can you write it properly?

First of all, as in the case of any other essay, you should study the appropriate materials. If you need to write about some idea, you can get acquainted with its history. Are there any proofs of the theory? What are the arguments and contra-arguments?

Check all these aspects and finally, be ready to express your own point. If you are going to describe some period in the development of this science, then study, which ideas were popular at that time and how they influenced the modern science. Were they wrong or they were proven later as correct? Who are the scientists who offered these ideas? In your essay about mathematics, all this information will be useful.

Finally, after collecting all the relevant information, you are ready to move to the actual assignment: Till now, you have gathered all possible information and arranged it in a way that you can use for writing. Other than that, you just follow a standard path. Here, you state your idea or theory. In the introduction, you explain, why you have selected this particular topic. And this is the most complicated part of your essay: Show that your topic is interesting, relevant and worth reading.

Many of these islands in the south Pacific were inhabited by people who had never seen Westerners; maybe their ancestors years before had left legends of large wooden ships. We can only imagine their surprise and shock when large naval vessels arrived and troops set up communication bases and runways.

Airplanes and those who flew them seemed like gods. It seemed to the natives that the men in the radio buildings, with their microphones, radios and large antennas, had the power to call in the gods. All of the things brought by the navy, radios, buildings, food, weapons, furniture, etc. Then suddenly the war ended and the Westerners left. All that was left were some abandoned buildings and rusting furniture.

But a curious thing happened. The natives on some islands figured that they, too, could call in the gods. They would simply do what the Americans had done. They entered the abandoned buildings, erected a large bamboo pole to be the "antenna", found some old boxes to be the "radio", used a coconut shell to be the "microphone.

But of course nothing came. The practice came to be known as a "Cargo Cult. The story may seem sad, amusing, or pathetic, but what does that have to do with mathematics education? The south Pacific natives were unable to discern between the superficial outer appearance of what was happening and the deeper reality. They had no understanding that there even exists such a thing as electricity, much less radio waves or aerodynamic theory.

They imitated what they saw, and they saw only the superficial. Sadly, the same thing has happened in far too many high schools in the United States in the last twenty five years or so in mathematics education.

Well meaning "educators" who have no conception of the true nature of mathematics see only its outer shell and imitate it. The result is cargo cult mathematics. They call for the gods, but nothing happens. The cure is not louder calling, it is not more bamboo antennas i. The only cure is genuine understanding of authentic mathematics. Training is what you do when you learn to operate a lathe or fill out a tax form.

It means you learn how to use or operate some kind of machine or system that was produced by people in order to accomplish specific tasks. People often go to training institutes to become certified to operate a machine or perform certain skills. Then they can get jobs that directly involve those specific skills. Education is very different. Education is not about any particular machine, system, skill, or job.

Education is both broader and deeper than training. An education is a deep, complex, and organic representation of reality in the student's mind. It is an image of reality made of concepts, not facts. Concepts that relate to each other, reinforce each other, and illuminate each other.

Yet the education is more even than that because it is organic: Education is built up with facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts is no more an education than a heap of stones is a house. An educated guess is an accurate conclusion that educated people can often "jump to" by synthesizing and extrapolating from their knowledge base. People who are good at the game "Jeopardy" do it all the time when they come up with the right question by piecing together little clues in the answer.

But there is no such thing as a "trained guess. No subject is more essential nor can contribute more to becoming a liberally educated person than mathematics. Become a math major and find out! Some people may understand all that I've said above but still feel a bit uneasy. After all, there are bills to pay. If mathematics is as I've described it, then perhaps it is no more helpful in establishing a career than, say, philosophy.

Here we mathematicians have the best of both worlds, as there are many careers that open up to people who have studied mathematics. Real Mathematics, the kind I discussed above. See the Careers web page for a sampling. About twenty years ago when personal computers were becoming more common in small businesses and private homes, I was having lunch with a few people, and it came up that I was a mathematician.

One of the other diners got a funny sort of embarrassed look on her face. I steeled myself for that all too common remark, "Oh I was never any good at math. It turned out that she was thinking that with computers becoming so accurate, fast, and common, there was no longer any need for mathematicians! She was feeling sorry me, as I would soon be unemployed!

Apparently she thought that a mathematician's work was to crank out arithmetic computations. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Thinking that computers will obviate the need for mathematicians is like thinking 90 years ago when cars replaced horse drawn wagons, there would be no more need for careful drivers.

On the contrary, powerful engines made careful drivers more important than ever. Today, powerful computers and good software make it possible to use and concretely implement abstract mathematical ideas that have existed for many years.

For example, the RSA cryptosystem is widely used on secure internet web pages to encode sensitive information, like credit card numbers. It is based on ideas in algebraic number theory, and its invulnerability to hackers is the result of very advanced ideas in that field. Finally, here are a few quotes from an essay well worth reading by David R.

Garcia on a similar topic:. Americans like technology but seldom have a grasp of the science behind it. And the mathematics that is behind the science is regarded as even more mysterious, like an inner sanctum into which only initiates may gain entry. They see the rich and nourishing technological fruit on this tree of knowledge, but they see no deeper than the surface branches and twigs on which these fruits grow.

To them, the region behind this exterior of the tree, where the trunk and limbs grow, is pointless and purposeless. What is it that would cause us to focus only on this external fruit of material development and play down the antecedent realms of abstraction that lie deeper?

It would be good to find a word less condemning than "superficiality", but how else can this tendency be described in a word? Perhaps facing up to the ugly side of this word can stir us into action to remedy what seems to be an extremely grave crisis in Western education.

The first step toward [progress in crucial social problems] is to recognize the deceptive illusions bred by seeing only the surface of issues, of seeing only a myriad of small areas to be dealt with by specialists, one for each area. Piecemeal superficiality won't work. Teaching is not a matter of pouring knowledge from one mind into another as one pours water from one glass into another.

It is more like one candle igniting another.

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