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Brown University Admission Essay Sample: The Computer Doctor

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❶And the University also recommends that applicants submit a graded paper from a humanities or social sciences course as part of their application. I will also, obviously, be taking HistoryA:

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It was the first competitive sport I ever played, and I love to be physically and mentally aggressive, since I'm a very compassionate and kind person off the court. Although rigorous academics are important to me, balance is also important, and basketball is a stress-relieving activity for me. No matter how much calculus I have to study, after a game of basketball, I can go back to it feeling refreshed and ready to learn.

This year, I am the captain of the team, meaning that I have responsibilities as a leader, and also as a fundraiser. I relish the opportunity to develop both my leadership and athletic skills in this position. I won't be playing on the University of Michigan Women's team, but I plan to play on the club team, as well as start co-ed and women's IM teams for my dorm, classes and other groups.

Here's a much better version of the sports essay: I learned that the most important thing is to get in the game. The best way to improve is through experience. So master the skill that will get you on the court -- even if you never do it during the game. Because without it, nothing else matters. The second most important thing: Off the court, I build a fun and inclusive community as a dorm proctor. I tutor, trying to make the aorist tense exciting to fellow Greek students.

But the first thing I do on the court The first five seconds can set the power dynamic for the whole game. They matter, and need to be perfect. But… it might not. How did it make them feel? I have to decide if I'm willing to take a risk in order to show an important part of who I am. Try not to be. Why are you drawn to the area s of study you indicated earlier in this application? If you are "undecided" or not sure which Brown concentrations match your interests, consider describing more generally the academic topics or modes of thought that engage you currently.

Try to be interesting! Be outside of the box. Force them to be interested! Who is this girl? What's she talking about? Newborn sheep inexplicably get left in the snow to die. Horses founder -- sometimes, your only option is euthanasia. Tomcats slaughter innocent kittens. I spent my summers detasseling corn -- that is, ripping the male reproductive organs off and throwing them on the ground. This prevents self-pollination, therefore producing a hybrid vigor.

I walked miles in the heat each day, brushing worms and spiders off of my face as I castrated. These experiences continue to affect me, in the classroom and beyond. I plan to combine this interest with psychology -- I want to help people overcome irrational fears and become scientifically literate consumers. It tells a unique part of my story, while highlighting some issues I care about -- hinting at future career goals. However, in case you missed it: The open curriculum offers unparalleled academic freedom, and may well be a major factor in your decision to apply.

Some other reasons to apply to Brown: Opportunity to TA be a teaching assistant classes as an undergraduate. This is a cool opportunity for students who have spent a lot of time tutoring, or who want to make money as undergrads. It also further illustrates the amount of trust and respect the administration shows its students. TAing also looks good on graduate school applications. This is great, because it allows students to focus on learning, rather than performance.

It allows you to always learn for the love of learning. It also allows you to take academic risks and explore new passions. Engineering students at other schools have a hard time fitting in courses outside of their major, but Brown encourages and supports taking courses outside of the normal STEM paradigm. This is important, not just because psychology, economics, etc.

Not only will this knowledge make you more competitive in the job market… but it will also make you better at whatever you do.

Want to be a creative writer? Fill your head with interesting and surprising things to say. Want to go into business or marketing?

Give yourself the power to harness and analyze the huge amount of data your company will be managing every day -- and do something useful with it! There are thousands of other reasons… but those kind of depend on your specific interests and goals. But here's the other thing to remember: So in addition to doing research about the school, brainstorm all the things that are special about you. I have only a moment before it succumbs to its ailment again.

Additionally, each time it starts could be damaging, so I have to make this count. When the sound of electricity surging through the computer begins, I immediately notice a vital fan failing to twirl: With a quick pull of the power I anesthetize the computer and operate. Using a replacement and screwdriver from my bag, I give the computer a new fan. Then, I start the computer nervously, but it starts perfectly.

My confdence and determination sweat off as accomplishment. I quickly look for the woman. She can tell I solved her problem as I walk towards her with a grin, and she smiles too. This case is one of the hundreds I've solved over the past few years, all without a single failure to fnd a practical solution. I started my business because after seeing how grossly overcharged the community was by corporate technicians, I believed it would be a practical and great way for me to help the community and have a job.

After fxing computers for my school for a year, school offcials quickly noticed and spread word of my work, allowing my business to spread like wildfre throughout the local communities. With determination and some creativity I've solved some very unordinary and strange problems.

I'd like to use this same willpower to help people in even better ways. Mathew's essay is powerful because he doesn't just tell us about his entrepreneurship venture but actually gives us a sense that he's taking us to his work by narrating the process. This essay is also strong because Mathew demonstrates attributes that are desirable for an aspiring doctor—determination, problem-solving skills, and an eagerness to help others—using an example unrelated to the sciences and medicine.

Since Mathew also wrote about science and medicine in "Exploring Life's Intricacies" Chapter 19 and "Addressing Injustices" Chapter 5 , this essay diversifes his portfolio of essays while still connecting well with the overall theme of applying specifcally to a premedical program.

Mathew's narrative grips us from the very beginning. He begins with a suspenseful sentence: Essays that challenge our expectations are often the most memorable: The essay underscores the importance of Mathew's business. We can see this as he explains, ".

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